The DiS "Gissa hand please!" thread *Rolling*



This is a rolling thread for when you are seeking very specific help or advice regarding a thing.

I’ll kick us off, hey where can you buy magnetic tape these days in or around the Old Street area? Thanks!




This isn’t going that well so far




No joy but thanks for your helpful answer.

I’ve got some to pick up from Maplins Liverpool St now, no thanks to any of you lot.


Oof what a schlep


Get to nip into Spennos for lunch now though innit! Colin the Caterpillar here I come!


I had an allergic reaction to a Garnier face mask last weekend. I emailed them a complaint but they’re not getting back to me. Can I report them to some kind of governing body or something like that to get a response?


Sounds like somebody is garnier get sued!!!

(I can’t be of any assistance in this matter I’m afraid but I hope you’re over the worst of the reaction and that you can get some adequate compensation)


I would slam them on Twitter, because it’s public it’s more difficult to ignore and they tend to move faster.


The stupid new reply system has made it more difficult to do this publicly however