The DiS “how much did you pay for that?” challenge! (Foodbank Donation)


It’s time for the DiS “how much did you pay for that?” challenge.

Between now and Monday afternoon you have to buy the following items (all brands, flavours, etc. are your own choice) and report back on how much you paid for each item and any other details you feel are relevant, like which shop(s) you used. Pictures, videos, etc. are also encouraged.

Then, donate the items to foodbank. You can find your local one here:
Most supermarkets also have a drop off point in the store.

You can obviously add more to this, but let’s leave that out of this thread. No one wants a charity-off.

Here’s your shopping list, DiS:

1 litre Carton of long-life fruit juice
750g box of cereal
1 litre bottle of UHT milk
Tin of rice pudding
Box of 80 teabags
Tin of new potatoes
1kg bag rice
Tin of canned fruit
Standard can of deodorant
Standard box of Tampax

Thank you in advance for taking part.


You’re looking at about £13.50 there I reckon

Should’ve mentioned that the shopping list comes from the all round bag of sliced awesome that is @colon_closed_bracket and if you did want to add more items, he also suggests tinned meat / tinned fish (if you’re ok buying those).

I reckon I might be able to get under a tenner here in Nottm.

And not by trying to buy cheapest options

I will do this!

Oh me too, but I thought you hadn’t.
I also hadn’t read the thread, good idea.

I have absolutely no idea how much a box of cereal costs.

Can you get a decent one for £1.50 these days?

We don’t have cereal at home so I’ve no clue!

Honestly, I couldn’t really have much of a guess how much most of that stuff costs because I’m a ridiculously lucky motherfucker. :frowning:

An own-brand box of cornflakes is about £1.

And I don’t want to sound like bloody Bono or something but it’s always a bit sobering to type out a list like that.

^haha get a load of prince charles here. doesn’t know how much cornflakes cost!


I will do this challenge and I will do it well

How we defining fresh fruit juice? Can you get fresh juice in a carton?

just to clarify, how do we win? pay the most or pay the least?

I could guess all of it with a strong degree of accuracy (I’ve bought all of that stuff in the last 6 months*) but I haven’t bought a box of cereal in about 10 years or something. Literally never go near it. Was thinking a big box of Kellogg’s could be 6 quid or something stupid.

*Those tinned new potatoes sauteed in a pan with garlic oil are DAMN fine.

Reassuring to know

There are no winners, Japesy lad. It’s all about seeing the variations in price due to region, brand, etc. and discussing those in a fun, light-hearted thread.

I’m also really hoping for some delightful anecdotes to make it a bit more interesting.


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Hope you don’t mind but I edited your OP to clarify that the fruit juice needs to be the long-life type (i.e. the stuff that’s on the shelves and not in the fridge cabinets) - I think that was my mistake yesterday!

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Edit whatever you need to, my man

I’ve edited. But this sort of thing:

(i.e. something that you’d find on the shelves and not in the fridge cabinets)