The DiS Isolation Wrestling Theatre (Online Group ) Money In The Bank 2011 8PM 28th March

WCW - Greed

That show had a lot of shit on it but was an easy watch and fairly enjoyable truth told. Really enjoyed the Rhodes vs Flair/Jarrett match because it felt like an old skool house show main event that the crowd absolutely LOVED. I’ve seen much worse shows.

Luckily stream went fine after an early technical hitch so I’ll see you on Thursday o/

The technical hitch was caused by my drink fridge feeding electrical magnetic interferance back into my power line which knocked my USB dac out and caused a sound driver issue. I can prevent that from happening next time


Updated schedule

Thursday March 26th 7pm - August 20th 2001 Raw (Milkamania)
Saturday March 28th 8pm - Money In The Bank 2011
Tuesday 31st March 7pm - Wrestlemania 30 (Crowning of Daniel Bryan)
Thursday 02nd April 7pm - ECW Barely Legal 1997
Saturday 4th April Midnight - Wrestlemania (Live)
Sunday 5tth April Midnight - Wrestlemania (Live)
Tuesday 7th April 7pm - ECW Heatwave 1998

@Severed799 added your request, let me know if this date is no goo
@Ruffers added your requests, let me know if any dates are no good


As things currently stand, no reason why not, pretty much on lockdown until mania anyway

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Sorry I got carrieds away with the NHS stuff tonight

Milkamanis starts at 9pm

@ruffers or @Jamos forgot whose pick it was

Forgot about this!

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Is there a new invite?

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You should still be a member if the discord

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We are live

This raw has been so bad lads

That Raw was so so so so so bad

Best show of all time. Taker’s wife really squandered her push.

Tonight at 8pm


Arguably the best WWE PPV of the last decade, at least I remembering it being, will be on tonight
Forgot that this was the official poster before the PPV would go on to become a historical event

Here is a fresh link that’ll be valid for 24hrs

1hr until I start this if anyone is interested

Ah shit I forgot, anyone in/where are you

First match just finished

When you log in you’ll see a channel list on the left, you’ll see I’m streaming, click on my name (where it says live) you can then pop out the player and move it anywhere on your screen. Pin on top, if youd like to chat you can reselect the chat room

I’ve not run this the last few days because I’ve quite frankly not been in the mood. I’ll let you know tomorrow if I plan to do Mania, at the moment I’m not sure, I’m currently very down and don’t think watching a mania play out in silence with no excitement is going to help things.

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Hope all’s okay mate