The DiS Postal Service

Here is a thread to spread some love and send your fellow Disers stuff you have lying around. For free! Just for the hell of it.

Does anyone want these delightful Scotland themed tshirts? Size XL.

*Will send when I can be arsed which could be any time in the next month


I’ve no idea what any of this but thank you for joining in!

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I’ll do the vocals but we need a guy to make the beats and a female backing singer


I have a (bit battered) second paperback of Dave Hutchison’s excellent Europe In Autumn if anyone wants it. Really good SF / espionage stuff set in a future Europe that has fractured into dozens and dozens of small republics, polities, duchies, etc. Reads like the lovechild of John Le Carré and Franz Kafka according to Goodreads.


I was gonna rip your arm off for that Adrianne Tomaine memoir but then remember I bought it last year but never got round to reading. Ta for the reminder.
I’ll take the Giant Days comics off your hands if no-one else has been interested, happy to dd you the postage costs.

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The orange one is cool, you should keep it.

I’ve kept it for 5 years expecting I’ll be slim enough at some point but… nope :smiley:

I’ll take the irn bru shirt of its still avaliable


Dm me your address mate :slight_smile:

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Cheers I recently dropped to the xl threshold so need more clothes lol

Think a DiS audacity file that anyone can add to would be hilarious

I have a copy of Hard Boiled on Region A blu ray that I could never get to work on my region free player. Finally decided to look my player up on the internet and it’s only region free for dvds. So anyone want the Blu Ray?

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Thank you @ttf & @Mert_Aksac

Lovely day for them to arrive, gonna sit outside and crack on with them.