The DiS Song Contest 2018

I fully expect this to bomb, but here we go…

  • You reply to this thread with your choice of country
  • You find a song from that country (within the conditions listed below)
  • You DM me with that song

Then put them all together, you listen, we vote and in the end, we determine who has the best musical taste (or best taste out of the hot mess that gets chosen).

Song conditions:

  • The song must have been released on or after January 1, 2017
  • The song cannot exceed 4 minutes in length.
  • The song must be performed by an artist who is either from the country, or currently lives in the country. No crazy “third cousin twice removed is from x country” stuff.
  • The song cannot have entered the top 20 of the UK music chart OR appeared at Eurovision

Not posting this on the music board cos fuck those guys.

This will be an excellent way for us all to discover new music, especially from obscure countries.

Please only sign up if you’re actually willing to listen to x amount of songs during the voting phase.


Aye why not

I hate the lot of you

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Let’s say 2010 onwards. It’s probably too small a window otherwise. But DM me your choice if you make one rather than posting it :slight_smile:

are we doing the uk as one country or separate ones

Separate for the UK but otherwise anything on this list

This seems incredibly hard to me. But maybe I’ve not really looked at the nationality of bands I like. Hmm

That’s the idea though, gets you looking for new music from exotic locations.

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One last try to get this off the ground before I admit glorious failure.

My pick is FINLAND, and Studio Killers.

If there are no other entries then I will declare myself the winner.

My pick is GERMANY, and Tiger Crew.


Big props to the use of ‘head’ instead of penis there. :smiley:

OK, we have our entries, it’s time to vote

    • :tiger:TIGER CREW :tiger: - :zap: BNGR :metal: **
    • some “song” called jenny or something

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Poll auto-closes at 11:01 tomorrow I think.

Tiger Crew won!

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