🌍 🎹 The DiS Song Contest 2021 🎹 🌎

thought i’d already done this

then realised it was just in a dream

i need better dreams


I’ve got a couple of contenders, will make the final decision today!

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Oh…I got so excited about this I never read the entire thread and sent a DM for a country then realised it was closed. Sorry @Joke2000 …disregard my DM, and all the nice things in it that I said about you.

Looking forward to this!

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What if the song is a collab with someone who isn’t from that country?

Fine if they’re the primary artist, or it’s a joint collab. I won’t stand for ‘featuring’


I am having a lot of fun listening to Balkan rap. Thank you Joke


I dreamed about Conquer Club the other night.

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Can I send you a song with an animal in the title instead?


sorted bab - you have mail :+1:

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some really interesting- and batshit- entries to this. I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Songs will be announced over Thursday and Friday, and you’ll have at least a week to vote, not sure exactly when the results will be yet.



final reminder, you have until 1pm


annoyingly most of my options didn’t have a Spotify presence, but chose one with an epic video so I think that balances things out!

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Who won then?

All entries are in :heart_eyes:

:angola: :argentina: :armenia: :belgium: :bolivia: :brazil: :bulgaria: :cambodia: :croatia: :czech_republic: :estonia: :finland: :greece: :haiti: :iran: :ireland: :it:
:jordan: :kr: :kosovo: :kyrgyzstan: :mexico: :new_zealand: :nigeria: :norway: :philippines: :portugal: :ru: :south_africa: :taiwan: :tr: :ukraine: :vietnam: :zimbabwe:

First 17 songs will be posted tomorrow, second 17 on Friday, with the results a week tomorrow.

Completely forgot to pick a song myself so I’m a neutral.

This has taken way more effort than expected so you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve gone way overboard as usual.


Idk, but I came 13th. Think the count was stopped after that.

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Ah well.

I hope I was 14th at least.

Predictably, we might never know. It all depends on what you predicted and whether or not we ever know.


Irlande nil points

I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. Don’t fuck it, lads.