🎬 The DiS Top 75 Director List

Firstly, sorry this might take ages. Can’t be on here at work so I’ll have to post them during the evenings instead. Let’s take this niiiice and slow.

Speculation can begin now, and feel free to post your lists if you wish.

I’m off out shortly but to kick us off…


What are your faves of his?

  • Melancholia
  • The House that Jack Built
  • Images of Liberation
  • The Idiots
  • Dogville
  • Breaking the Waves
  • Dancer in the Dark
  • Nymphomaniac
  • Europa
  • The Kingdom
  • Manderlay
  • The Boss of It All
  • The Element of Crime
  • Epidemic
  • The Orchid Gardener

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Can only stomach Melancholia of what I’ve seen.

Dancer in the Dark is my least favourite film of all time.

Dude is an utter weapon.

Fuck off.


Where’s Antichrist? Easily his best for me!


Ffs fucked the thread already


lol looking forward to it - thanks!

I thought melancholia was ok for certain scenes. Don’t like him or his films though.

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I’d have just made it 74, Jooky.


Only seen antichrist and it was just a lot of wank really.

I missed the deadline for submission cause I’m a tube but I was surprised how many directors I put on the list that have made undoubtedly terrible films or have ruined good films with really really stupid decisions.

Doesnt exist

Few good films but


Von Trier to start eh, just need the next two entries now to be Woody Allen and Roman Polanski and this thread will descend into all-out carnage before we’ve even hit number 70


Dogville is decent, as is Melancholia. Bloke’s an absolute cock though.


Thought the first half of Melnacholia was utterly unbearable and thought the second half was transcendent. Film really is a game of two halves!

Had a similar experience with The House That Jack Built, except that rather than the entire second half is was only the final 10 minutes that were anything other than awful…

@AQOS are you planning on naming and shaming who voted for whom?

Antichrist is the best film I never want to see ever again.

I remember lots of walk outs in the cinema, which I get. Although did a hard LOL when this happened out of nowhere.


Remember seeing the trailer and that bit and thinking ‘this is going to be the best film ever’

How wrong I was.

Dogville is probably his best. Really interesting production idea and well executed I thought.

Although he is, as others have said, an utter bell.

The hype on release was massive and reviewed well critically I seem to recall. Would be interesting to hear a retrospective by anyone who’s willing to watch it again

Would have voted for ‘The Five Obstructions’ but what can you do.

Thanks again for doing this @AQOS

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