The DiSer Escape Plan


just in case one of these days sean does decide to pull the plug on us, where are going?

  • That DiS Reddit someone made
  • Kickstarter for a new forum
  • FB Group
  • One massive whatsapp convo
  • Just let it go man, it’s over
  • Other (please DiScuss below)

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Scrap this - just remembered it caused issues before


No Coaltalk?




can we just hold on a little longer?






Can’t we just use a Kickstarter to buy DiS?


Zing yourself motherfucker


Can’t we just use the Maccabees board?


Message via pigeon.




Oi! Mods! A trusted user is abusing their powers! Help!




Accidentally hit Other (Discuss below). Got nothing to say.


That’s another vote for the Maccabees board.


I’ve got commitment issues m8, I’ll be hitting refresh and clawing on until the bitter end. Can’t be dealing with another forum.
Smoke signals?


the idea that any of the people who voted ‘let it go’ could last five minutes without the boards is frankly laughable.


please don’t make me sign up to facebook


I’d cope with twitter and #mothchat in the Bike Wanker’s whatsapp group.