The Disgusting Lyrics Of Vince Staples



Bitch you thirsty please get a sprite

We can dip, fuck in the whip, slide right back

I’m a gangsta Crip, fuck gangsta rap

Good to know that this lady’s got my fucking back:


Some people think this is funny


She really is quite worked up

as a mom as a mom as a mom as a mom as a mom as a mom as a mom as a mom as a mom as a mom as a mom as a mom


Most of the dadsnetters on here are precious about their kids hearing swear words on the radio
Something like this is probably the inevitable end point for all of them


The funniest thing is her using N*Sync and Backstreet Boys as examples of some golden age


What does that * stand for in N*Sync, ay?


Was just waiting for her to get to that folks need porsches, hoes need abortions line… Delivers!


Fair play to Vince.


Point is all the profanity was bleeped out on the radio but you can see and hear her kid in the background while she’s reading every word out loud!

Also: every time she says ‘they’ she means black people.

What does she think her 11 year old girls are gonna do? Spray some witnesses?


This is the only safe approach


She’s got bars man! Shit is lit :fire::fire::fire:


The way she says ‘Norf’ gets me so bad :joy:


Such a great song