The doldrums of a Wednesday evening

Shout out to @Unlucky , also wildly bored

Baked potato for the lowest effort dinner ever, read a bit with a NA beer, maybe book a few festival shows



Having some roasted toms in balsamic vinegar and thyme with mozzarella and part baked baguette for mopping up. Low effort, high reward tea.

Have a really really bad sore throat and been sweaty today, so still not over whatever this mystery illness is.

having a sit in the cricket field near my flat whilst my husband runs around it several times

Got halloumi salad for dinner and love island


Hey hey

Had pasta with tomato sauce and garlic bread for tea, was fine

Dog mooch, nonsense telly, bed

Long old week somehow isn’t it

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Alright? I’m not really that hungry tbh. Might have some Koka noodles or something later.

  • Curry
  • Spicy stir fry

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Currently in the gym. Got a steak out of the freezer for dinner and will have it with some left over chips, corn on the cob and probably a beer tbh


Midwestern emo vybs


Two poached eggs on a hash of fried spuds, onion and choreeeeeeeezo. Topped by lashings of Frank’s hot sauce.

Got an ironing mountain to deal with, but going to watch Thor instead.

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Tired, sweaty, a bit blue. Sainsburys pizza deal for tea though and some new beer so that’s nice.


Oh yeah best believe I’ll add an egg to the mix :fried_egg:

Just remembered I have a lil sachet of nut butter with me too so once I’m off the bike that’ll go in my traphole

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My flight is delayed because they made everyone with cabin suitcases check them into the hold and then we missed our takeoff slot. Just been told we’re going to sit here for at least 50 minutes.

How could BA do this to me question mark.

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Won the table I wanted on eBay <3 But I want it IMMEDIATELY and they’ve not sent me their address yet. If they send it after M’s bedtime there’ll be hell to pay (no idea how I’ll get a table across M16 but here’s hoping they just happen to be next door or something)

Can’t wait for M to eat at a table and not drop her dinner on the rug/sofa anymore.

Bought myself some celebratory candles too (though these are actually to cover the rotting animal in the walls smell)

Need to tidy up tonight, it’s a state in here.



Had a nice day bycling around Merseyside.

It’s for the public art thread but really like those statues on the beach at Crosby.

Frozen pizzas for tea.

Ice cream; beer; dog walk to follow


My new camera arrived! (Bonus cat in the photo for people don’t give two shits that I’ve got yet another camera)


Omg this looks so fun!

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It’s a proper point and shoot. Literally the controls are wind on and take a photo. No ISO, no shutter speed, no aperture, no focus. All the nerdy stuff has been removed leaving, as you spotted, just the fun

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I’m going to try to play tennis this evening hahaha why?!?!


Evening all!

Both The Child and Wor Lass have arrived home in unexplained weird/ grumpy moods so I did the thing I’m best at and cooked their food quietly. The noodles I made were satisfactory but there were not enough of them at all for me.

I’m playing football tonight so hopefully will run off some cobwebs.

How much please

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The answer is NEVER stir fry.

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