The doldrums of a Wednesday evening

Not fussed about the cat, so if you could photoshop it out for me, that’ll be great.

Nice camera


Going to play football so will only be bored for 15 more minutes


50/60 quid depending on where you get it from and what stock they have (I paid sixty because everywhere that was charging fifty was out of stock)

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Not on @keith 's team so i regret to inform you he will not be scoring goals tonight

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Just remembered im rough so might regret posting this

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This heat has sapped my appetite so might just wait till the shopping delivery gets here and eat all the ice lollies.

We’re meant to be preparing the house for a good old flea bombing this eve but my wife is too hot and grumpy so we’re putting it off till next week now. When it’ll be 30 degrees.

Expecting another poor night’s sleep from the child as their room is around 28 degrees and nothing we do seems to cool it at all.

Where these ice lollies at?

Kinda want one now

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What ice lollies are you awaiting please?

Well currently sat with an overshirt on and a blanket wrapped round me. Yay summer

Footballer on The One Show saying she’s a bit of a Boyzone fan and got excited when she read she was gonna be interviewed by RK…

Only for RK to not be Ronan Keating but Roman Kemp, who is presenting on The One Show for like the first time ever. Lolz.


Had a tooth out today

Pray for Mancho

He managed to eat sone pasta earlier at lunch and now he will eat some pasta at tea

While like bleeding and stuff

Oh mate, gws!
Can you get some nice milkshakes?
Avoid straws though!! Xx



I did this yesterday

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I would love a milkshake right now

Oh booooooyyyyy

Texted work earlier to say “absolutely fuck coming into the office, im staying home to down salt water tomorrow”


This is the downside of having proper manky teef

(Seemingly juat inherently, i dont drink sugary drinks or owt. I’m an all water lad for the most part)

Though I also obsess over brownies and ice cream so ok

Playing a gig quite soon, that’ll be nice. Had a brief moment of being at a comfortable ambient temperature for a few minutes there, what luxury.

bought some tan through swimming shorts because my tan lines currently insane

  • enjoy your brown bottom
  • that’s a scam, it won’t work

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Finally starting to feel better after the dramas of the past week. Fall out hasnt been nearly as stonking as i feared in terms of feeling worthless etc etc. So take the little victories?

Inflamed left flank and stabbing pain has gone down and reduced significantly to so a little less worried about that though still being referred for an ultra sound.

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At work. So hot in this house. Feel dowwwwwwwwnnnnnn arrrrrhggggghhhhh. Fin