The dreaded monday of doom thread




Missed my train so sat drinking coffee for the next 30 mins. fffffuuuuu.

dread 7/10


Low dread level which is incredible given we’ll find out this week what’s happening with our jobs.

Not much to report other than a four day week for me.


Morning, just had a big job land in my inbox so I’ll probably do what I do usually and faff about until two days before the deadline then panic and do a couple of all-nighters to get it done on time.

Good luck @plasticniki, hope it all works out with your job


Morning, have massive fear this morning probably due to weekend excess.

Saw Michael Mayer in Brixton last night, 6pm - 12am and a lovely crowd. Ideal clubbing environment IMO


Medium dread (worst baddie ever) checking in.



Had a good weekend and today should be painless pretty much, I too have a 4 day week as I have my younger cousin staying as we’re off to see Frank Carter in Camden the night before.


gl with the job pnikkers


Moderate doom. Forgot my phone charger and battery is low so face the prospect of a musicless commute home. Also was supposed to get some work done over the weekend ready for a meeting tomorrow and didn’t get it finished so will probably have to work tonight


Dread level 10/10 due to a late sunday night minor domestic amplified by my PMT :cry:

Ordered some winter work clothes so that makes me feel 1% better.


everything hurts. gotta shortlist 45 seemingly identical job candidates. fuck this.


Zero dread here. Sorry.

Been out of the office for most of last week, so churning through the inevitable brace of utterly pointless emails.

Thinking about going to Netrunner in the pub this evening. Not sure yet if I can be arsed or not.


you going to do the wacky google approach and filter them by the kind of pet they have?


Morning team, dread level has lowered a lot since getting into work. Got a new chair already today, that’ll probably be the highlight of my day, nae week.

Cycled into work in my new cycling gloves this morning but they feel a bit


Reasonable dread level, but a few points down on last week.

I somehow ended up watching Zoolander 2 this weekend. Is there a worse film?


Moderate levels of dread after having to see terrible relatives over the weekend and getting my plans torrentially rained off. Going up to London at about 11 for something that’s either going to be really nice or a massive disappointment. So I suppose that also = dread.

Been scanning and cleaning up colouring book pages, and coloured in one for fun on photoshop.


0 dread - don’t are anymore



CARE!!! where has teh edit feature gone?


I’m gonna want one of these books when they’re done I reckon.


You need to be bilingual in both English and the local language(s) for most FCO jobs, so they probably struggle to find British people with the necessary level of Czech. When I’ve been to the embassy in Rome and Paris, they’ve all been British, because they could find suitable candidates more easily.


Well my deadline is approaching … (should be done and printed by the 16th-17th of Nov).