The Drones


Killer live recording of ‘You Let My Tires Down’!! :fire::fire::fire::fire:


bit disappointed by how conventional this is :smiley: basically a drones song. hoping for an album of pure weirdo jams :alien:


Australia tour announced for the start of May too


Yep easily could be a Drones tune - and I’m more than ok with that


Yeah only got into them a few weeks ago after someone posted Taman Shud in the Australia Day thread, I thought it was very clever and that whole record I got into a lot. The earlier stuff I didn’t actually enjoy as much but still is better than a lot of bands. I played it to my bandmates as a reference to something we could rip off for a song we’re working on and they all loved it, so if I do a jag in a few months time with a song that sounds like a third rate Drones you can blame wherever posted that song in the thread :wink:

I like what I’ve heard of Tropical Fuck Storm so far, believe I saw that live version of Let My Tires Down posted above and was blown away by the energy of it.

I hope with the album release they can get over here and do some gigs, obviously unless you’re Tame Impala etc it’s barely worth coming over financially though, we’ll see :crossed_fingers:


ah this is feckin ferocious. love it.


Never heard of these guys before but this is excellent.


This performance is the highlight of the year so far for me. It inspired me to start this thread:



I’m pretty sure I recognise the bassist from The Drones in there too. Are they the only two Drones members in TFS?


Note that even in Australia:


I mean WTAF? Aussie postage rates for a lot of online stuff are just insane and I don’t understand it. Even looking at stuff that’s lightweight and posted (apparently) from Melbourne you can have posting costing 5 or 6 times what it’s worth

EDIT I think that’s the cost including postage so in fact you’re paying $25 extra total for it to be shipped to the UK. That’s probably reasonable judging what I was paying to send presents back and stuff.


yep Gaz and Fi from the Drones

Erica, the other guitarist/singer, is in Harmony, MOD CON and Palm Springs
and Lauren, the drummer, is from High Tension


should definitely check out the album that just came out from MOD CON


yep limited edition singles and all that as well

not very clear putting ‘+ POSTAGE’ on it, when it is actually included!


I only know them from Shark Fin Blues when I heard it on Rectify (one of the best, least appreciated shows from the last 5 years, so beautiful) and it still blows me away every time I hear it. Will definitely have to check more of their stuff out based on this thread!


Fucking love(d) Rectify. And it was how I found out about The Drones too. Such a good song that it overcomes first hearing it soundtracking a vigorous masturbation scene.


Love Shark Fin Blues!

But today my favourite Drones song is Jezebel!


I think Jezebel is always my favourite Drones song


Was trying to convince people to watch it, not put them off! :wink:


Can confirm that is $75 including postage within Australia. Decided to buy the singles when I pre-ordered the album. I’ve enjoyed all of them and The Drones are amongst my favourite bands so why not eh? Support the musicians you like and that.