The Drones


Well the postage is a lot less when it includes the products although I can’t really think in AUD yet so it’s hard for me to really gauge


I can’t say that 7 years here has really allowed me to either. All just looks like Monopoly money now doesn’t it?


release day for Tropical Fuck Storm tomorrow - very much keen for this one!

on the telly last night -


I’m going to give this a go. I enjoyed the Drones last album haven’t really listened to anything else of theirs. TFS seems interesting though. I will be downloading though, those vinyl costs to international customers are crazy. I’ve bought alot of records from Aus and understand the shipping costs but these are really high even considering that.


That song is so amazingly good. Like one of my top 20 of all time.


i’m feeling pretty giddy about this release. i hope it’s fucking amazing.


yes m8


Feels a bit like this album is getting more attention than The Drones albums do.


First couple of run throughs today on Spotify and I am very very happy with this - all killer!

Vinyl sitting on the doorstep at home - no one nick it before I get home!

Album launch next week is going to be great




It’s ridiculously good… and I’m only 5 tracks in!


Dropping by to confirm that this is truly spectacular


Soft Power is my track of the year tbh


yeah that’s my pick as well, it’s a goddamned monster


Love it. Pray for a UK tour :pray:


Gave the TFS album a once over earlier, was hoping to be totally blown away because of how good You Let My Tyres Down is. Maybe went in with my bar set too high but I wasn’t totally sold on the rest of it. I’ll need to make a point of revisiting it, felt there were lots of cool parts but nothing was leaping out and grabbing me the same way


Get 'im!!!


hears Antimatter Animals
thinks ‘not grabbing me’



The TFS album just keeps dragging me back in. Such a strong record, it really is a cracker. At first, I thought it was rather front-loaded, like most album releases seem to be these days, but now the second half has caught up and I’m loving it.

Perhaps a little premature to talk about AOTY, but I have a hunch it’ll be in the mix.


Okay, so somehow this band has skipped me completely.
Played Jezebel from up thread and was blown away, the exact sort of music I love.
Just coming to the end of Gala Mill, so so impressed.
Great thread!