The Drones


went and saw TFS play on the weekend - fantastic show as expected

pretty much the album in full, plus the Staying Alive cover, and a big finish with the Drones ‘Baby 2’


I was just about to post re this cover of “Stayin’ Alive”. Talk about out of left-field. It’s not bad either, though of course it can’t hope to match the original.


yeah they released it as a B side to the Rubber Bullies 7"


I took a break from the Tropical Fuck Storm album for a few weeks and came back to it in a really bad mood stemming from horrible political opinions of people I grew up with who should know better, and it’s 1,000x better than I remembered it and it’s still getting better and better. Definitely a fantastic shit mood album. That ending of “Antimatter Animals” is so good.


I went and saw TFS perform a live score for ‘No Country for Old Men’ last night - they nailed it!



I’d never heard this song by Tropical Fuck Storm before, it’s fantastic. Kind of reminds me of Neil Young’s faster, fuzzier stuff. Can anyone think of what the main vocal hook sounds like? I can’t quite place it, but I know there’s another song with a very similar one.


it’s a cover innit

sounds a bit like Livin’ On A Prayer