Same quiz format as normal. Teams, zoom and etc to be sorted closer to the time.

Difficulty level will be relatively high. For example you won’t be asked who David Beckham was sent off for kicking in the 98 World Cup, but you might be asked for the name of the ref.

Old, shite footy tops on the zoom are encouraged

  • Jean KevIN AugustIN
  • Wayne ROUTledge
  • David MAYBE

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I’m in but my football knowledge is probably terrible so sorry to whoever is on my team

David Maybe has really upset me

I know that referee one tbh. Possibly the only point I’d score.

Only goal I’d score. They call them goals don’t they?

Oh count me MartIN Laursen

I don’t know what a Zoom is but this could be great fun.

Pippo INzaghi

@moderators could you change the date in the title to 03/06/2020, double booked tomorrow


Will join this if I can, think my football stat knowledge has deteriorated over the years though. Need to start playing FM again

I won’t be taking part but I did write a quiz for my mates that included 2 football rounds

Can send you the questions if you want 'em tho they might not be hard enough

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I’ve already got a quiz written, thanks though


Really looking forwards to this :slight_smile:

Oooh I’d semi forgotten but this is TONIGHT.

If enough people are keen and register on this poll I’ll start at 7:30

  • Yes

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If not many people are I may re organise for A DIFFERENT TIME

I’m not free until 830 :frowning:

I think it won’t happen tonight. I’ve ordered a takeaway instead