The DRUG poll - what you taken?



anonymous, but you can show off, if you like

  • weed/hash/oil
  • e’s
  • acid/mushies
  • coke
  • speed
  • ketamin
  • prescription shit that blows your mind
  • heroin
  • crack
  • crack cocaine
  • other

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Theo: fuck this. Hope it works.


oh shit. forgot to make this a multiple choice poll. @plasticniki @1101010 @Parsefone can you help?


Poll needs to allow multiple votes pal


You’ve made it one vote each? Not good enough for us massive caners! Oi oi!


see above, daddio

  • nice
  • poll
  • dickhead

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mate, start again in a new thread and let this one sink. it’s a gonner


I don’t even know what I voted for there. I was just testing to see if you’d really failed at doing a poll so badly.


what’s the difference between crack and crack cocaine? I also suggest, nay demand, the decoupling of acid and mushrooms.




please explain this remark


consider it done. thing is, it ain’t done though. can’t do the same poll apparently

@Parsefone !!


cheers parsleyflaps!


Can we get the ‘show who voted’ option added too please @Parsefone


I have fixed the poll.


mate can i get some clarity on the crack coke vs crack issue please?


This thread has gone to pot!
(Terrible I know, some times I just cant help myself with the pun)


I don’t know if it was crack or crack cocaine that I took. How can I know?


Did it feel good, or reeeeeeeeaaaallllllyyyyyy good?


:smiley: reeeeeeeaaallllyyyyy good!