The dubious concept of musical "guilty pleasures" in 2017


Spotted in Manchester.

Why would Meat Loaf be the definition of “cheese” or a “guilty pleasure?” It’s hardly the Cheeky Girls.

Also, a poster full of anti-Just Good Pop snobbery, and casual homophobia.


Absolute shite has been around for years now. Just naff pop for fun innit. Meat Loaf is super cheesy…


Imagine seeing thia and getting annoyed by it.

Wheres the casual homophobia?


Mate why don’t you put your head under a moving car


True Order


Maybe it is just a bit of fun I should have a laugh about.

But it irks me 100% more because it’s in Manchester. Science Has Proved It is the Official Most Overrated City In The UK And Capital Of Indier-Than-Thou 6 Music, Passive-Aggressive Liam Gallagher Bowl Cuts And a ZoMbIe OaP HOmE for the Terry Christian, Mark LADCliffe and Stuart Zambonis who go on and on and on saying “Eeeeee, do you remember the Roses, Mondays, and that club Harry Styles Ender? They don’t make em like that anymore! Probably all luxury flats now for vegan unicyclists who identify as the 68th gender of a can o’ John West tuna! Remember when tuna only came in tins! Ee, they don’t make em like that anymore! Remember Angel Delight! Remember Vesta chicken chow mein! Ee, them were t’days. Remember the Three Degrees, and when West Bromwich’s three black players were nicknamed it, not problematically at all! Remember the original Wonder Woman series, I “wonder” if she can make me a sandwich! Ee, the 70s were great. PUNK ROCKERS, that’s what ruined it.”

You people need to be shown a proper urban metropolis oozing intellect, sophistication and cultural diversity. Like Padiham.


Oh, I dunno. Just got out on the wrong side of bed. Also, I call everything racist on all my other posts, so I’m diversifying :joy:


omg calm down


so you live in a big diverse city with lots of opportunities. Sounds pretty good to be honest. I’ll swap if you like?


And here I was thinking this would be an insightful discussion about guilty pleasures, taste and musical snobbery…


You’re welcome. As long as you aren’t Southern enough to put the milk in before the teabag. Can’t be doing with those ne’erdowells.


Not one of my best posts, sorry.

I have created 26 topics and this was somewhere near the bottom of the top 25.

Bernie would have won.


because Meatloaf is absolute shite and i have no idea what homophobia angle you’re going for here. something to do with the Village People?


Change “insight” for “incite” and that’s pretty much what you got.


Yeah, gross, tasteless retro 50s American diner slop.

And then there’s the food he shares his name with!


Fancy addressing the homophobia angle?


Alright, I was hamming it up with the OP, and I’ll discuss this in more detail in a better thread.

But every question deserves an answer, and I’ll say it was just a bit of suspicion that lumped together on the bottom row of the logo are a proudly gay artist, a band who were gay icons (although perhaps a frustrating stereotypical cliche for the LGBT community these days) and someone who sued a magazine for trying to “out” him in the 90s - for intrusion of privacy, fine, but was mistakenly perceived to be homophobic because people interpreted him as seing being called “gay” as an insult.

And while I’m not denying Ricky Martin, the Village People or Jason Donovan’s famous songs are cheesy as hell musically, there’s just something very dodgy about this coincidental narrative - that certain music is ‘embarrassing’ to listen to just because it involves non-heteronormative themes or people, like it’s 1850 or something.