The Easter Monday thread!

Alright? I’ve got to go in to work for an hour this morning which is pretty annoying but I’m going to stop at the supermarket on the way home and get stuff for a megabreakfast I think. Then it’s some jobs in the garden until the Argyle game on the telly at 3, then not a lot really. What’s going on today then?

Alright? Well, I drank wine throughout the day yesterday so feel urgh this morning.

No real daytime plans. Definitely an afternoon nap and going to see that film with Sandra Bullock later.

Mega breakfast sounds like an excellent idea.


Tell her i said Hi. Hahaha


Meant to meet friends friday but im hoping they chose to just veg outside due to being broke until pay day now so will see how that goes. Told them thats the only way i can afford to meet yp so i wont feel bad if i end up cancelling? Thata fair right? Right

Singing and dancing to music right now
On the chaise lounge on the chaise lounge on the chaise lounge all day long on the chaise lounge

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Morning all!

Last day of spring break, isn’t it?

I’ve got football at 5.00 and I need to work out what I’m doing with classes tomorrow at some point. We’ve run out of bread so I’ll need to correct that at some point.

Other than that, no proper plans. We’ve discussed taking The Child to the cinema but I’m not sure I can be arsed. We need to do a trip to the cash and carry but, again, NSICBA.

Ahoy. Taking my son to see a mate and his son for a walk around a nice lake in a minute. Get out early before the crowds. Do the big shop after. Listening to The War In Drugs because I’m a dad like.

Why didn’t Jesus do more after he rose again?


Melted in the sun


‘The five hundred-plus eyewitnesses to the living Lord were enough’

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Always found this an odd phrase, but looked it up and makes sense

Cash - they didnt provide credit
Carry - they didnt provide delivery


I hadn’t really thought about that.

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Yeah you’re right
I should cut him some slack

Not round these parts. Jimbo’s school holidays are the two weeks around Easter, so I’m an hour or two we’re headed off to Dorset for the week.

The plan is to stop off in the new forest for lunch, where his tiny mind will hopefully be blown by the fact that there are horses just pottering about everywhere, then heading down to Lyme Regis later to where we’re staying


No plans at all today and I’m happy with that. I’m shattered from being out all day and going to Wembley yesterday.

I’m just going to drink tea, play with the cats and maybe sort out the garden.

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Bit o dog walking
Bit o shopping
Bit o bike riding

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Mrs W says I went sleepwalking last night (as I sometimes do). Whilst I was up I must have turned the heating on - I woke up at 6am and the house was like a furnace. The thermostat had been set to 26 degrees.

Plans for the day - get cool.


Morning :sun_with_face:

Pretending that the cat didn’t have me up multiple times I’ve otherwise had a massive sleep.

Just ordered some pastries and going to have a very lazy start to the day, suppose I’ll have to get up to put a chai on like a brave champ.

Bit of dread already but I’m only in two days this week so please dread, note this information and be gone? :pray:

Double whammy of being woken by my neighbours this morning: heard upstairs having sex AND the obnoxiously loud woman next door has been in her garden since 8am making train noises for her kid.


I recommend Loop earplugs!

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Floored by this.