The Economist suggesting England needs a new capital

This is never going to happen, but instead of Londoners and to a lesser extent Mancunians getting really insecure about the respective cities why don’t we have the non-nobhead debate about whether dual capitals work, whether there are any interesting arguments for or against beyond really shit dismissive banter, etc.

I have no real opinion. I could maybe see an argument as to why it might make financial sense for somewhere like Leeds, or Liverpool, or Sheffield or Manchester to be the de facto administrative capital or something, but it’s hard to feel that strongly about it.

So remember, no angry Londoners, and no fucking Mancs going on about how they invented trade, and the NHS, and public transport, and feminism, and computers and how it’s already the cultural capital and all that…




milton keynes imo


Bolivia, Holland and South Korea are some examples, btw.

Political centre should be in a different place from the market centre. Parliament should be in Birmingham or Stoke or something. Sheffield maybe if they could handle living in Sheffield.


National stadium should be in the midlands innit

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Makes sense. Weird that they’ve immediately suggested Manchester. Surely somewhere a bit grim where land’s cheap would be better.

fuck it make Newry the capital and see what happens



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I used to work there… you leave one way or another, that’s what happens

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Just somewhere on the M1 - easy for everyone to travel to.

I don’t think there’s a need for a national stadium. Huge waste of funds. There are great stadiums up and down the country and a huge disconnect between fans, the team and the FA.

If there has to be one it shouldn’t be in Birmingham, but it would make logistical sense. Then again, that’s why they built St George’s Park.




So long as it’s not Birmingham

i wonder if the arts will move out of london as it continues to get more expensive

the trend has been with moving to berlin, but the british people going there will probably be stopped by brexit

Looking at new york, I’d say no, but art will continue declining anyway

degenerate art

I bloody well will an’ all

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Yeah, could be a good idea and help the North feel like they have a say in the running of the country. Obviously keep the real power and decision making down South for obvious reasons.