The edge


Bowling based quiz show in BBC.

How have I never heard of this before???

Almost impossible to wfh with high quality content like this.




Saw this yesterday as we’d had Daily Politics on in the office, the bloke from those Nationwide (?) adverts from years ago hosts it!? (He’s from my hometown, my Mum had to serve him in Specsavers once).

Not gonna lie, if this was on at teatime and Bradders was involved I’d be well up for it.


is David Bryant on board with this man? either way, sounds right up my street


Ten pin or lawn?


Yes: nationwide adverts!!! That’s where I know him from.

Gabby Logan replaced him for series 2, sadly.


Offbreak or fast-medium?




Leg break


Leg break… The edge… you say?


Too soon!


(I’m assuming he’s dead…?)


no, The edge is fine


we’ll probably never know either way


Rest/live in peace, Dave edge


He was uninjured. Game on!


How much do you think you’d get paid for this sort of tv slot? Do you reckon any of us could do it or is it a gift only the likes of this fella and gabby logan posses?


Schrodinger’s Twat