The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

Horse Of The Dog is getting a vinyl reissue with all the b-sides next year and I am excited. Very underrated band, much nastier and darker than a lot of the early 2000s garage rock rubbish that was coming out around the same time.

0 replies or 1 telling me to go to the bands nobody has thought about in years thread.


Didn’t listen to them for the longest time because I thought the name was stupid.

Later listened to them and realised I quite liked them and they didn’t sound like I’d assumed.

i enjoyed them

i had the CD single of Mister Mental. must have been the only CD i ever came across with working DRM, couldn’t rip it for love nor money

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Dinked edition (still don’t know what that means).

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Go back to I Could Be An Angle a bit, great track. Not sure I ever listened to Horse of the Dog, might rectify that


yeah shame the second album bombed, i thought it was great and a massive improvement on the first. they did some stuff after which wasn’t bad either but seemed like the horse had already bolted by then. great live too.


Amazing! Loved this album but original vinyl copies cost ÂŁ200+

One of the first bands I ever saw live, supporting Placebo I think.

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It’s still one of my spooky season albums. Love that they leaned hard in to weird cartoon goth. They musically followed the same trajectory my life has. Greeb punk - full goth - back round to punk - gone forever.


Think Dinked just means it’s an edition put out by Dinked (a collective of indie record stores in the UK including Drift, Norman and Resident).


Celebrate your mother!!

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hopefully not that the records all come dented in the post :woozy_face:

Interesting …. Didn’t get on with the second album at all, nor the one which followed several years later, but Horse … is an all time favourite album and one I still go back to quite frequently. The first time I saw them (in Nottingham) was amazing with the singer climbing all over the venue. Saw them a couple of times in later years in Leeds at the Cockpit and rbe Faversham which were desperately poor. Think they had some gigs booked at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire a few years back after Nike used on an advert which I had tickets for that subsequently got cancelled … or maybe I’ve made that up?

I have Horse Of The Dog on very loud now and it still sounds utterly deranged.


that’s weird… was listening to this only the other day and thought they were due a re-appraisal as it’s a brilliant slab of madness. some big ol riffs on there!

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Saw them live two or three times back then and they were ace. One time at some one-day festival thing at Rock City (Nottingham) where they were playing on a temporary stage, and I was right at the front, squished up against that shin height stage, basically spending the whole gig doubled over with one hand on the stage propping myself up against the fierce moshing going on behind me. Had massive bruises on my shins the next day. Worth it. They were great.

Love the debut (have ordered the dinked)

Saw them in Bristol one December probably the year before they called it a day and there were about 15 people there. Was sad. They were a really fun band

Amazing debut. The second album was a good major label debut-type record, but I think the guitarist went off to join Marilyn Manson’s band or something after? Anyway, a shame they never made good on a third album - the one they eventually released after reforming was fine but had nothing like the magic of the debut, and I think it was maybe a totally different lineup anyway. Saw them live on the first album. Ripped.

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saw them supporting QOTSA once

they were better than QOTSA and afaik the lead singer isn’t a piece of shit


First album is excellent but I never really clicked with the second.

I’ll have another listen this week.

first one is definitely a fun scrappy goth n roll record but felt like they wrote some pwopa choons for the second, probably appealed more to nu-metal goths than punky indie kids though.

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