The end of an album? Jens Lekman's Night Falls Over Kortedala

This is a new/odd one. Artist and label seemingly manufacturing the end of the life of an album by deleting it forever.

KLF aside, has anyone done this before?

Should isolate my CD in case it explodes


The thought of never hearing Postcard again is a bit too much to contemplate.

Not a fan of this at all.

Might have to nab it on CD before the price rockets

Probably an elaborate way of announcing a reissue. It’ll be ‘reborn’ the day after or something.

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Think I heard a few tracks from it years ago but not since.

I’m not going to listen to it now in case I like it.

Always thought it was a shame that Oh You’re So Silent Jens isn’t streamable. Such a great collection of songs.


The May 7th 2021 entry in his smalltalk blog might shed insight into the thoughts behind this, Small Talk

“I have a complicated relationship to the past. Everyone who writes and has had some form of success does. When my album Oh You’re So Silent Jens was taken down ten years ago due to sample issues, I almost felt a relief. The past had become too heavy. It’s hard to explain but it used to bother me when someone said they liked something I’d done in the past. It was like… Imagine you’re 40, like me, and someone said ”I saw a photo of you when you were 21, you looked really good back then”. That’s a nice thing to say but it can also unintentionally translate to ”you don’t look that good anymore”. And it feels the same way with a song, especially if you’re still trying to write new songs”

or maybe it’s just a neat idea that appeals to him to have a wake for retiring one of his records before springing a rerecorded version on us as the blurb for this podcast mentions he is apparently doing

“Coming next in season one, listeners will discover Jens Lekman 's quest to reimagine two of his most cherished albums, Oh You’re So Silent Jens and Night Falls Over Kortedala

I absolutely love Jens btw

And I Remember Every Kiss into Sipping On The Sweet Nectar is a hell of a way to kick a record off, what an absolutely wonderful album.

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Glad I picked up a copy of it, many moons ago at a show at Heaven. Such a special record that still sounds great.

Sault’s album from last year, Nine, was deleted after 99 days, supposedly to never return.

I own this digitally through Amazon.

This is a horrible precedent to set. I hate it in gaming where it happens all too often, and I don’t want to see it in music.

Although, how does this differ to albums going out of print physically before MP3s became legally widespread? That used to happen a lot I think, or they were printed in small batches and you’d go into HMV and order them in.

i believe the Jens thing is likely due to the samples on it

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I can’t remember whether I’ve got a CD copy of this or not, they’re all hidden away somewhere. I know I’ve got Oh You’re So Silent Jens on CD, but I’m not sure about the others. I’ve certainly got it digitally (how I listen to all my music these days), so deleting it doesn’t affect me too much.

Brilliant album though.

This is an exceptionally stupid idea. It’s not like it’s not on soulseek / YouTube anyway


just looked on discogs and someone just sold a copy of the vinyl for nearly 80 quid

Bet this is just Jens trying to juice Discogs buyers with his massive stock of unsold vinyl


is soulseek still a thing?

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Yeah it’s still going and good for finding bits and pieces



first dot is a nearmint copy sold in december, the rest is from yesterday and today

~£30 to £70+

i use it for downloading albums where i bought the vinyl and there was no download code