The end of an album? Jens Lekman's Night Falls Over Kortedala

Good album. Not listened to it in years, must admit, when I must’ve listened 100+ times in 2007.

Still gutted Oh You’re So Silent Jens isn’t easily accessible. Those first two albums are probably my favourite ever in the vague bracket of ‘Indie Pop’ and the only ones I ever really feel like returning to.

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this is good to know as my go-to technique of google searching the album name + zip or rar doesn’t seem to work much anymore

then again i’ve not downloaded that way regularly for about 7 years

that was my old technique too and i noticed it starting to dry up

i use rutracker for this. its good if you use torrents

Yeah, both amazing. Now and again get the urge to put on Black Cab. One of those that’s really mopey and sad but sounds amazing turned up loud and great for belting out the lyrics.

Hmm, not sure about that version of Maple Leaves but maybe I just need to get used to it. Nice to have OYSSJ tunes (even if in altered form) on Spotify now.

I listened to the new OYSSJ this morning, and yeah, it’s just lovely having those songs streaming again. I’ve got the original but it’s been a while since I’ve played it, so the differences are not that pronounced to me right now, although Black Cab definitely felt more polished. Still bloody lovely though!

Oh wow! It doesn’t quite have the same warmth and uniqueness without the samples (which I guess is one of the reasons he had to get rid of them), but the songs are still so special. What a treat.

The Linden Trees Are Still In Blossom which is basically Night Falls Over Kortedala with a few extra tracks.

Announce the deletion of your best album, physical and streaming, creating a hugely inflated market for the records (current discog price for the lp is £100+, has it always been?) only to then announce a re-recorded version a couple of weeks later…

Is this utter bullshit? Or have I missed something and it’s not actually utter bullshit. It feels like bullshit.

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I think I’m maybe taking it the wrong way. He’s always seemed like the most sincere guy so I’m probably being unfair. Sorry Jens.x

how does JL or his label benefit from an inflated second hand market?

it does look like the price has spiked for the vinyl on discogs, saying that, a mint copy went for £15 last week.

Apparently he mentioned at one of his recent gigs that he had to delete the album and re-record it without many of the samples due to legal issues. This is the same reason why Oh You’re So Silent Jens hasn’t been available on streaming for so many years. I’m sure it’s not a decision he would have really wanted to make.

Personally I’m delighted to finally be able to get OYSSJ on vinyl, albeit with reworked versions of some of the songs.

Since he announced that Night Falls was being grandfathered I’ve really been reconnecting with that album and OYSSJ; honestly don’t think I’d pulled those albums out in years - so in a non-lucrative way he’s succeeded in rekindling my interest. However if he’s completely rerecorded all his old sample-driven music and wants to rerelease it, I’m fully up for that too.

Listening through the new OYSSJ at the moment.

Really enjoying it - the little audio diaries from the time are nice framing tools, and it sounds better than it’s ever been…


…it’s really fucking weird hearing something like Hammer Hill without the Shang-La’s sample there.

Yeah, sounds like he’s taken something forced on him due to sampling issues and done something quite creative with it. I love this period , can’t wait to listen.

The secretly society podcast that’s linked to from the pre order page is well made and informative for anyone curious about all this, really clarifies what’s going on

The new Black Cab vocal is pretty rough, sounds like a karaoke version

i just went to this thinking surely not…but yeh it does!


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all I can think of here is Stewart Lee’s bit about buying all the 2nd hand copies of his own DVDs, late at night, in order to inflate the price when selling them at his gigs


I thought maybe he’d do something a bit like the first Allo Darlin album (where they wanted to do Jens, but couldn’t afford a sampler so just incorporated them into the song) but it’s a bit more like an acoustic/orchestral version