The end of the Columbian President's willy has been chopped off!


They’ve awarded him the No Bell-piece prize.

(There must be a badge for this?)


i hope he’s ok though



I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s also been given the Nobel Peace Prize so y’know… swings and roundabouts.


i got a regular badge this morning, i’m now a regular user:

“This badge is granted when you reach trust level 3. Thanks for being a regular part of our community over a period of months. You’re now one of the most active readers, and a reliable contributor that makes our community great. You can now recategorize and rename topics, take advantage of more powerful spam flags, access a private lounge area, and you’ll also get lots more likes per day.”


check out the spam flags on that!


You know, i hadn’t bothered to read all that, spam flags? private lounge? more likes?


I really hope people enjoy my joke and have forgotten all the previous times I’ve used it.


With coffee and wi-fi? And tiny packets of biscuits?


Spam Flags
Private Lounge
More Likes

Old Blue Last

£6 OTD / £5.99 NUS


it’s incredible in there, lucien’s there making everyone cocktails.