The end of the streaming era

For me anyway.
Been paying for streaming since 2009 - deezer, rdio, apple, google, amazon, spotify, tidal. Probably others I’ve forgotten.
Just decided the money I spent on it would be better used on a couple of digital albums a month direct from artists.

Been listening mainly to bandcamp on the go so far.

Anyone else tempted to ditch it?

I guess I’ll cheat a bit by checking stuff out occasionally on Spotify free.

  • Hell yeah!
  • Nope
  • Not ditch, but I am planning to change it, and I’ll explain.
  • Not on Streambook

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As far as music goes, this is all going well for me. Use spotify for main listening. Buy stuff I really like and support the bands.

It’s Netflix and Prime I’m getting sick of. I keep looking for shows and film and their not there and they seem to be getting my money for not a lot of satisfaction on my part.


i stream a lot of stuff, either from Spotify free on my laptop or streaming stuff on Bandcamp when i’m on wifi (both stuff i’ve bought and just checking out things i haven’t) but i’ve resisted making it my primary source of listening. even though i keep having problems with SD cards in my phone corrupting and stuff that would be solved by just paying for Spotify i’ve resisted so far.

the main reason is that i enjoy collecting and the hunt for a bargain and if i just have Spotify on my phone ready to go at all times there’s a good chance i’ll just get lazy and stop buying stuff, which would just be a hobby becoming massively diluted for me.


If anything i need to cut down how much i spend on records and use spotify more :smiley:


I’m not getting off Spotifybook any time soon. I’m on the £5 a month tariff Spotify stopped advertising some time ago - and for that price, I’m happy. I’m probably streaming more now than any time in the past, and I feel like lately the Spotify algorithms have got better at recommending me new stuff that suits me.

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Get amazon music as part of Prime.
Wouldn’t pay for streaming otherwise, I’d just use the free versions to check out things.
Buy the stuff I really like on vinyl.
Use the downloads on a pendrive in the car.

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Find it too good to give up. Plus I find so much new music via it, which I wouldn’t otherwise.
But I still buy the music I like, so I don’t feel bad using it.

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what do you get for the £5 a month tier these days? is it just no ads but you don’t get to use the mobile app fully or something?

i remember it used to be there because they put lots of restrictions on the free version like listening limits and stuff, i think they got rid of the £5 tier when they just got rid of all those restrictions on free anyway

It used to be that. I could do anything I wanted on PC (I think with slightly lower audio quality, perhaps?) but on mobile, I could only listen on shuffle.

Two years or so ago, I guess they decided the limitations were more trouble than they were worth - now I get everything from premium, but at half the price.

that’s worked out pretty well. i’d always assumed the £5ers would have been bumped up to paying a tenner at some point

I’ve been considering returning to buying CDs actually. I cbf with records being expensive and sounding crackly and bad, plus my internet can be dodgy for streaming stuff so it cuts out or stops playing.

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think the decline of physical is a bit shit for older people sometimes. my mum got a new car last year and it doesn’t have a CD player, she only ever bought about 2 albums a year and played them to death so understandably doesn’t fancy paying £10 a month for Spotify so she only listens to the radio now, probably just the end of her listening to full albums completely (there’s a CD player in the house but it never gets used). feels like a shame, especially as i would enjoy buying her an old Bowie classic or a new Springsteen album or something for Christmas and she’d get a lot of mileage out of them.

i’ve taught her how to download podcasts on free Spotify for her walks at least.

someday people will admit that CDs are the best musical format


I’m very aware that streaming pays artists nothing, so I’m at a point where I’m buying 2-3 albums per month of ones I’ve really enjoyed (either digitally on Bandcamp or vinyl) to make up for it.

If Bandcamp somehow managed to get a transparent and artist-friendly streaming service together, then they’d completely change the game. There’s so many music fans who want to support artists and use ethical ways to keep them going but are too used to the ecosystems of Spotify/Apple Music.


This is where the streaming model works for the companies isnt it. You get people who bought a cd or two a year to pay £120 a year on a contract they never think about.

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i always think people asking Bandcamp to completely change their formula and become a full on streaming service are asking too much of them. it already acts as a midpoint between the two. you can stream stuff on there as the artist allows but if you want to listen to it on the go you have to buy it and download it. it’s there for people to use it if they want to use it.


I think Spotify is far too cheap for what it is but that vinyl is hideously overpriced. Will keep using Spotify for the sheer convenience but would happily switch to Bandcamp if they sorted their interface out.

Considering ditching Netflix though and have already got rid of Prime.

I was very happy with Google play music which I’ve been paying for since 2017ish but they recently changed it to YouTube music which I HATE but I have too many playlists and don’t know what to do. Used to have Spotify when it came out and used that for a few years so if I can migrate my playlists ill do that

  • Perfect quality
  • Small size
  • Shiny disc
  • Not upset about being in the sun or getting too hot

Beautiful format