The English

Anyone watching/watched it?

Finished it last night, loved it.

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At it


Might watch, their football team’s alright

Cheerful and baffling isn’t it? Enjoyed how they got two famous actors in the first episode just to chew the scenery and then come to a grizzly end.

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Yeah totally baffling.

But beautiful.

Me and Mrs F still haven’t bothered to go back and rewatch the very beginning of the first episode to work out what he said to prevent the lynching.

I liked it - but liked it less by then end than I did at the start

Just got the finale to go. Not expecting a happy end considering how relentlessly bleak everything has been up to now.

It’s going to be like Lost plus

Not only are they all dead, but they’re brought back from the dead to be made even more dead all over again.

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