The Enthusiasm around Vinyls


I am really interested in the way people listen to music, and in particular to vinyls. Therefore, I made it the subject of my masters thesis. Which better place than Drowned in Sound to ask if you’d be kind enough to help me finish my thesis, and enrich it by taking 3 minutes filling in this survey please?
The link is here:
Thank you so much in advance!
PS: if you want to know more about what i’m writing about, don’t hesitate to ask, and I’d also be happy to share the results with you!




It always sounds so much warmer.

Especially on these cold autumn evenings.


I don’t think you’re going to have a lot of luck with the questionnaire as it is. Some of the questions are very odd, and a few of them just don’t make sense (I’m guessing it might be a translation issue). but yeah, I bailed once it got to the screen of questions about ‘remembering memories’…


I filled out your survey. I’ll be the guy that is nonchalant to vinyl. I don’t really get it. I subscribe to Google Play to download and listen to stuff. I presume the artists get next to nothing in revenue from this. I do however go to loads of gigs and buy t-shirts to support the bands. Just because it’s an old format I never understood the romance about vinyl. I just go for the music format that’s the easiest at the time. It used to be tapes, then CDs, then mp3s and now Google Play/Spotify etc. Anyway, I’m off to watch Weekend at Bernie’s on Betamax now.


Filled it out but yeah some of the questions didnt make sense and felt like i was answerkng the same question a lot of the time. I like vinylz but they dont define me yo.


i can help you by telling you to stop saying “vinyls”


yeah wasn’t page 2 just the same question 5 times in a row?


I mostly just use them as insulation around the walls of my house


Specialised stores e.g. HMV



TBF i get the impression that English isn’t OP’s first language.


to quote chris ott: "i’m all about the music, mannnnn"
I don’t get records because all my money would be spent on records, so instead I just spend all my money of fegs