The Eric Andre Show



Genuinely struggle to get through a few minutes of it without crying from laughing, and then realised there’s no thread about it here.

So now there’s a thread about it here.

Love it so much, genuinely can’t get enough of it.

Here’s a montage for the unfamiliar.


Great show!

The length of the episodes really benefits it’s offbeat style. I’m surprise Eric and Hannibal can keep a straight face half the time!

I love this video of them goofing around:


Bird up brotendo. Not laughed as much since big night out/early shooting stars.

Highlights - sketch where he had skin over his eyes and shouts DESCRIBE HIM TO ME about a dog or something?; octopus restaurant sketch; jack mcbrayer interview; Malaysia airlines interview; Hayley Joel osmand’s face; Pauly d; when Hannibal’s brother turns up and shouts.


*thread FOR, montage ABOUT


Funny you’ve got that massive highlight list there, was talking to a mate earlier about it and he noted that it’s almost impossible to pick highlights because it’s so relentless. Just one highlight after another.


I love that vid. Particularly like Hannibal’s nonsense responses.

Hannibal’s stand up’s great too, seeing him next Monday.


This is undoubtedly one of the best scenes in television.


Fantastic show! This is quoted on a frequent basis in my house:


Take a seat George Zimmerman


Hey boo boo boo boo boo boo boo :grinning:

Yeah I’ve seen a few of his specials and they’ve been great! I particularly liked the one where he is perfecting his routine over the course of Edinburgh fringe festival - with checking out if you haven’t already!