The eve before imbolc

Hope you’ve made a bed and left some clothes outside for Brigid.

Failing that what are you doing?

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Phew! No other evening thread.

I’m going to eat a big cookie whilst reading about types of whales and maybe do a bit of emo writing.


Good evening scout and other friends.

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Oh I meant to add to that but I quite enjoy how threatening it is



I’ve been really sad and distant all day - haven’t got like this in a while but I think I knew it was coming - I was really restless yesterday and then woke up really anxious this morning, which is normally what happens before my mood takes a bad turn.

Spent a while on the bike which helped a bit and now I’m going to make a cauliflower curry and just chill out, go to bed early.

Also got some daffodils from the coop which is just about the happiest that spending £1 can make me.


Got a Local Indian for a payday treat and it’s glorious.


Hello all,

Should I watch the Sopranos? I’m uncertain if it’ll be my thing.

I didn’t really enjoy the Wire. Not that I’m saying they’re anything alike other than both being old. Haha.

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I think you definitely should. The good thing about it is you’ll know for sure within about 20 minutes whether it’s for you.


I’ve still not watched that either. It’s on my list but not sure if I care about watching…men. Feels very much men. Sorry men.


Hi Scout & etc

No idea what this imbolc stuff is

I’ve had some kind of a covid relapse day today. Felt absolutely wiped out this morning and couldn’t get out of bed before midday. Have felt totally dissociative all day. Weird stuff. Hope it doesn’t persist

Punxsutawney Phil loves imbolc. Bastard definitely seeing his shadow this year.

Shitty day, but managed to get a solo pub trip in. Had minestrone soup for tea and I’m off tomorrow, so :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Gonna go on a big walk looking at birdies.


Greetings, very cold out there. Just cleared snow off jobsite today pretty much. That’s enough plowing snow for me this year thanks.

Home now Elton John’s Honky Chateau on the box.


Just had a message out of the blue from a friend I haven’t spoken to since 2013 that just said “Alright you sad trumpet noise, how’s your rash?”. Love stuff like that.


Well, how is it?


evening all.

ooh tomorrow is a great time for a spring clean then and lord knows my flat needs it. had my first decent run since having covid earlier so feeling decent about that. not much happening tonight, about to have a bath, make some tea and watch some stewart lee comedy television. that’ll do.


it’s brilliant. i didn’t watch it for years coz i assumed it was just gonna be goodfellas the tv show but it’s really a family drama more than anything, has amazing writing and tons of brilliant characters. one of the best shows ever imo.



Went through a phase of greeting people with it years ago cause it’s how James Gandolfini used to greet people on the Sopranos set (see also: “how’s your cock n balls?”)

Watching a doc about crime scene cleaners and I think that’s the job I’d be worst at. Just have the world’s weakest gag reflex.
Him indoors really enjoys (I’m actually salivating in a bad way typing this) making gagging noises at me cause I cannot help but start doing it too. He’ll say words I can’t stand when I’m brushing my teeth and cry with laughter when I start retching into the sink.

Hope you feel better soon🌷