The eve of Tue (chew)

What u bounce hun?


Nacho nacho man!

I’m bouncing nachos tonight.


Just me and the mother in law in tonight then.


Can I smell something?

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Miserable. Gone local to revise for theory test but I had some chewing gum earlier and it’s made me windy and now I can’t concentrate.

Solo brewing at da pub. Waiting for the yay or nay for another pint from my dear wife

  • It will be a yay
  • It will be a yay if you have to
  • It will be a nay
  • It will be a nay fucking way

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Just cleaned the shower, feel a bit light headed after inhaling all the fumes from whatever liquid I was using to clean it with.

Gonna bounce some pasta in my quest to become part pasta.

Bit of work to do as well and then find something to watch.

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Goodness knows how long my flies have been undone for. Must be a good two hours :confused:

Having to go via bank station at rush hour every day to get to work is killing me arrgghj

Is that a new PB?!


I bought an Anker speaker for the kitchen today and really enjoyed adding a ‘W’ to the box with a Sharpie


working on material for your 70s comedian stand up set?

As I was leaving work a fuel tanker arrived cause my boss has bought a load of oil drums (from fuck knows where) and done some hooky deal to fill them with aviation fuel and sell them to the lads at his flying club. Devon.

Bouncing pizza and gar-b for tea, and some tins of Thatchers Gold to celebrate the weekend.

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“If you want to stay out, that is fine”
I’m taking that as a yay of course go crazy

Evening all, only just got gone because a bit of the m25 was closed. Great.

Quiche for dinner tonight I think.

It’s Caterham/Godstone junction again isn’t it?.

I thought the traffic was heavy.

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Beans toast and hot sauce here!! I’m still stuffed from my lunch so it won’t be till much later once the baba is down.
I don’t think I have any work to do this eve so I’m going to try to get an early night for once.


My gf is making a cheesecake and then we’re off to see Local Natives (with one of the guys from Wild Beasts supporting, which I’ve only just found out). Chalking that up as a decent evening.


Hi hun,

I’m drinking prosecco in the bath.
@avery is downstairs prepping Thai vegetable curry with brown rice for dinner. He’s a good egg.

Bake off later.
Fancy some comedy or music first.

Hope all my drownedinsound friends are having a great evening, bounce.


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My girlfriend works 50+ hour weeks and she tends to work lates so most days I get home from work and I’m alone. It’s pretty lonely atm.

Hate whining about it, but wish things could change.