The eve of Tuesday the 6th of June

Just had to check that today is definitely Tuesday. Don’t worry, it is.

How was your day? What are you doing this evening? I’ve just done like 5 loads of dishes, we were a bit behind. Oh and apparently I’m rubbish at hiding the fact I’ve been drinking because I reek of gin. Curses.


should probably cut my hair but don’t want to really

Shut my computer down and was walking out the door at 6:35 when my boss just casually asks if i can do another hour’s work. Thinking about walking home in the rain but probably wont. Gonna play about 4 hours of zelda tonight and then sleep.

Going to make some baked sweet potato, either watch a movie or start a series, want to do some exercise but there are severe wind warnings here which make going for a run by the sea less a case of whether I can be motivated and more a case of whether I want to play with death on a Tuesday night

Anyone know any talented illustrators? Especially if they’ve done maps before. Looking to commission some stuff. PM me!

I walked home in the rain, was quite nice but wreaked havoc on my liquid eyeliner :panda_face:

How’s yer tumtum?

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Well I spent my morning riding round on this, so I defy anyone else to have had a better Tuesday morning.

Planning on spending this evening eating Dairy Milk Oreo Mint, which is the new king of chocolate, and drinking passion fruit cider. And maybe convincing people to play trivial pursuit.


Ive copped out and got the bus. Better than it was ta. Think the 5 coffees i had today didnt help.

Train driver looks smooth as fuck.


At work but off tomorrow :sunglasses:

Waiting for feedback on some music I sent off, might chase that now

Evening splendid shower of Dissers,
Just been to the gym and am fucking shattered, gonna cook up something healthy and crash on the sofa.
Got lots done at work today so I’m pretty Albany about that.
Although I’d trade it all for a morn like @laelfy had :grinning:

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Hey witches et al.

Just done yesterday’s chores including 1 load of dishes. Don’t think I have 5 loads of stuff. May treat myself to a beer.

Hate when people tell you you smell of booze, they’re just jealous they haven’t had as much booze as you.


Today was National Sweden day so I had the day off work. Went to a brewery then went on a boat. Now I am about to cook a steak and tidy my apartment. Need to be on my game tomorrow.

amen brother :slight_smile:

Haha, I do too normally but this was funny because I was so blatantly lying about it.

Mr Witches: “Soooo… what did you get up to at this meeting?”
Witches: “ah, you know… the usual and stuff, why are you asking?!?”
Mr Witches: “uh huh…did you maybe go for a drink?”
Witches: “EH, no! …why?”

A bad time was when my Mum dropped me off at work extremely hungover after a night out the night before, I had showered and washed thoroughly, just as I shut the car door she declares I’m still stinking of vodka. Great, cool… thanks Mum :slight_smile:

Evening. Got to the gym, set up on an elliptical trainer and someone comes and takes the one next to me even though the other 20 are free. Ew.

May have a lovely cold beer when I get back.

Can’t stop eating peanut butter foldies

What’s a foldie please, warno?

ha, my old man always chins me if I turn up at work with the scent of booze. :slight_smile:that being said it doesn’t happen as much as it did when I was a fair bit younger

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