The Evening before Wednesday Evening, Ahem


I’m drawing Father John Misty wetting himself as an example of pure comedy.

Show me what you got.


all I’ve seen/heard of him is some video of a rant he did at a festival, seemed like a right wanker but maybe it’s just the beard.

I’m quite ill Ruffstick me old bean, what’s good for ill people?


Ah he’s alright really, I wouldn’t draw him wetting himself if he wasn’t.
He definitely intends to seem like a wanker though which I suppose can be taken either way.

Depends on the illness but generally speaking all the things I try to avoid - healthy food, sobriety, plenty of rest, peace and quiet.


Sup. Just had a carbonara, now eating chocolate and watching better call saul




why do you avoid them? they are fun


Think I’m gonna have a really early night. Probably have a nice cup of tea first.



Where were you getting your beer on in my city last night?


I made a chicken marinade using pomegranate molasses, olive oil, lemon juice and salt


2 bars in Haymarket called Teuchters or something and a really nice/posh one across the road, that had piano painted yellow outside, just looked it up The Voyage of Buck.


It was supposed to be one after work and got back to Partick at half 11.


Ah cool, I know Teuchters, haven’t been there for yeaaars though. Sounds like you had a good night :beers:


Evening all!

Bammers - I’ve been suffering a mixture of head colds and what I think is a chest infection since last month. Drink water, eat well, plenty of rest and get yourself some tissues and Vick’s - you’ll need them! It’ll get worse before it gets better!




that’s a serious middle finger!

sign of good health or something right?



hi rory f. and etc

just watched bake off creme de la creme even though it’s the shittest thing alive. now bashing my guitar for a bit.