The evening has occurred on this Wednesday

Having pints, aiming for pub quiz at 8 but we’re all half cut and may be very useless

Comment below with further activities please


@Scout trying to bully my Manc friends into doing your tour

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Busy work day, not long finished up and found an old takeaway portion of chicken rajasthani in the freezer.

Sofa, beer and Bob’s Burgers into Andor and Midnight Club awaits.


Tip trip!!

Also local Chinese!!

And an episode of Andor!!

Alright? Going to lie on the couch eating choccy di-Gs. That the plan for this evening.


Forgot to say ages ago, that Korean Tubbys sauce is immense. Sooo umami

Ah bullied into submission. The only way anyone ever comes :sweat_smile:

Pasta pesto in a bit.

Then got to go buy fruit.

Then it’s football :star_struck::star_struck:

Being picked up to go and watch some comedy in a few minutes.
First time I’ve ever been picked up on a date never been out with a driver before. Gonna get drunk while they can’t


Gently convince!

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It really is, I already need to restock again as it’s been the go to sauce recently.

He’s hosting a Halloween fayre on Sunday and all the vendors look great plus he’s doing tacos. I fear I’ll be too hungover to handle the effort it takes on public transport to get there.


Had pizzas for tea.

Having a relax after doing 10+ miles of walking today.

Might have a hot chocolate in a bit.

Tired. Had Brian Harvey Special for tea and 1 (one) beer. Gonna watch some old WWE and get an early night I reckon.

Evening all!

It’s felt like a long day even though I haven’t done much at work. I got my car back from the garage and my leg feels like it’s getting better.

I made some bahn mi style loaded potatoes which were really good:

Turns out I quite like mayonnaise and potato so I might see if I can get Dutch citizenship.

One more day at work before holidays…

Had three scrambled eggs on toast. Now drinking a lucky Saint and trying to watch great British bake off.

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Uh oh, made the mistake of moving one thing in the flat and by the time my girlfriend came home the flat was covered in things from all the shelves and surfaces that I’m trying to reorganise :confounded: definitely gonna get bored of doing it before it’s finished too

Alright. Just making the pilau and reheating the bhindi masala I made earlier. This will be great I feel. Could go a beer, haven’t got a beer. Oh well.

Gym then a nice prawn jalfrezi. Now watching channel 4 news which is pretty fucking depressing.


Fig’s having a cuddle, I can’t decide what to do with myself - I really want some of those oblong m&s jaffa cakes and a cup of tea :yum: Wont get to town to buy any until Sunday though, let the countdown begin.


need to get some marmite and toothpaste

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