the evening of monday

hullo. how are you? jolly good. yes i’m fine thank you.

proper winter evening vibes outside isn’t it. almost making me want to go and buy some kind of spiced ginger latte or somesuch nonsense.

any plans? what’s for tea?


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Massive case of imposter syndrome in the new job. First day, but spent an hour freaking that I can’t do it

Feeling like this at this stage

  • This is normal and fine and you’ll be fine
  • The other option

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Look at this ghastliness I saw in Tesco earlier:

HMU if you wanna be on my Snapchat for other daily horrors

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It is! I like it a lot. We’ve a takeaway due to arrive imminently and we’re going to watch Aliens on account of wanting to see some aliens.


Where are the eggs? IT’S A FRAUD

Peppermint tea is horrible, why do I drink it? Every sip makes me pull a face and go “urgh” and yet I actively make and drink a mug every day


An egg in a can

  • Enough now Science
  • Yes please

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Think there’s another type they do and it’s inside round sausage balls, bit like mini scotch eggs but sans crumb coating

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Oh. No thank you


Wish I was someone’s mini beef cutley </3

can’t believe this thread title hadn’t been used

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Ate pasta and salcissia

So, so, so tired

Might fall asleep watching Leeds v Wolves

It really struck me today how much I miss flirting - body language really got cancelled 8 months ago didn’t it? Is it ever coming back?

Nono, don’t be it is exceptional work

No! Have documented on here how much I enjoy a bit of eye contact in the supermarket. If anything the masks add to the experience.

Gonna have some mushroom carbonara, doing some work until the dead of night, spent 20 minutes earlier recording some vaguely Elliott Smith/Jeff Buckley guitars which was nice.

also not a tea, but calling things infusions is somehow worse

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Technically it is a tisane

No masks here, no eye contact