The evening of November 1st


Hi everyone,

how’s everyone doing?

What are you getting up to?


Hello WizardLizard.

This should be my penultimate late at work of this cycle all being well.

How are you?


I’m good thanks. How are you? Just grabbing a quick snack of pretzels and banana before heading off to see Doctor Strange.

How come you’ve been working lates?



I need to be in bed by 10 because I have to get up at 5. Rubbish.


Evenin’ WizLiz, AntPoc, Eps.

I’ve been in bed all day, bar a very wobbly trip to the kitchen to make a cup of tea earlier. The Jazz Festival really took it’s toll on me.

Think I’m going to get takeaway and then go to the pub to watch the City - Barça game as it isn’t being shown on terrestrial telly here.


Rocking the baby to sleep. Then making salad for dinner. Gilmore girls maybe? Quite up for getting through some more of war and peace. It’s more readable than I thought it’d be.


What takeaway? Not pizza obvs.


I hope you enjoy the film.

I’ve been working lates for the last couple of months ready for Thursday’s big release!

Football Manager 2017 is out on Thursday for PC, Mac and Linux


hello all,

i’m back attempting to be a poster here again after being driven away by the weird new boards. i’m very tired as i had a long weekend holiday with ms qb and then went straight out again last night. plan to spend the evening playing ps4 and eating those thai sweet chilli peanuts they’ve got now.


I really wanted a salad for dinner but I hadn’t been food shopping.

How much of war and peace have you read?


No pizza, not my thing. Will probably get some fried chicken and chips from the chipper at the end of our street. Don’t want to get too far from the house as I’m pretty weak at the mo’.


Bout 150 pages.


Monday night crew? Brave.

Wheredya go for the weekend?


Yeah, enough time to psyche yourself up for dealing with other humans but not so far for it to feel like it’s between you and dinner. Good work.

Got leftover chicken from Sunday’s roast for tonight’s salad. Well up for it.


Aha now I understand why football manager keeps coming up - must have missed the rest of the conversation :slight_smile:

I hope the next few days go smoothly and are relatively stress free.

Will report back on the film later.



partly because of #romance but mostly because it was cheap at short notice. it’s pleasant and small enough to walk around, but i don’t know if you’d want to spend more than a weekend there.


Yeah, I think I’ll be able to do it. Genuinely thought I was going to collapse earlier while going downstairs but I’m feeling much better now after some more sleep.

Leftover chicken and salad sounds pretty good right now I must say.


Drew pretty solidly from 10 to 6, my eyes have gone funny from staring at loads of tiny triangles and pebbles for hours.


Evenin team,

Was so close to nipping into the pub for a drink but managed to avoid, still not sure if I made the right decision.
Pretty fuckin hungry, think fajitas for dinner!


Think I might play some guitar one day soon. It’s been a good two months since I’ve touched one