The evening of the Wednesday before Christmas Day

Hiiiii all, Christmas time mistletoe and wine n all that. What you doing? Might go pour myself a hefty glass of Buck’s Fizz.

You’re a legend for creating this thread Witches thank you

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Are you allowed to drink after your booster? Asking for me

Off to the gym and then meeting a pal for a heated beer garden pint

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Mmmm warm pint



Had my jag earlier today. Was up far to late last night too so I’m pretty tired.

Don’t know what to have for tea yet.

Just havin a nice wild cherry saison. Pizza for tea.

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Evening all :wave:

Feeling pretty tired / low level unwell and not sure whether COVID or psychosomatic? Will get a PCR in the morning if I’m still feeling iffy.

In better news, we’ve got leftover Dishoom lamb curry for tea :yum:

  • Chinese
  • Pizza
  • Chippy

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Plumber has just been and we now have lovely, lovely heating (and hot water) again. That was a scary 11 hours.

Basically paid £75 for him to stick a bit of hose down a pipe and blow in it but hey ho.

Doing fajitas for tea. Beer to follow. Might do a batch of mince pies.

That @Funkhouser is a gem of a human. Look what just arrived in the post for me :heart:. Thank you so so so much.

Also feels a bit wrong of me to accept now as the change in covid rules mean I booked a last minute flight for tomorrow morning so I will, after all, be home for Christmas. :partying_face:



Got some cans in the freezer - gonna have cheese burger, chips and slaw for tea

Might watch more Dopesick but I don’t think it’s as good as I originally thought it was

Seeing my daughter for lunch tomorrow now which is good cos I can only get enthused about cooking for 1 at the mo

Absolute nonsense. Enjoy!

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evenin. got an uninspiring vegan oven pizza for tea and for some reason i’m still in the mind to watch episode 1 so i think i’m going to do that. whether i’ll make it through the whole thing or not is another matter altogether. finished metroid so i need to find a new game to start, might pick up the witcher 3.

thinking of making a hot drink and slipping a little tipple of booze in there but not sure if that’s a terrible idea or not when ill. got a bottle of japanese whisky delivered that’s going to be winking at me until i can open it.



Drinking beer, watching zodiac, risotto for tea
Not bad tbf

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cant look the phantom menace GIF by Star Wars


Finished what should be my last busy day of work for the year (still technically working tomorrow and Christmas Eve). Got a pie in the oven and just lit the fire. Deciding what drink to have tonight whilst I watch some Christmas TV to maintain my festive cheer.

What is Maureen Lipman banging on about



She’s anti cancel culture unless it’s about something she doesn’t like then it’s fine


Gonna go and buy some beer in a bit. And some wine. And some chips.