The Evening of Thursday 5th April 2018


Hi guys, what ye up to?

Making a new Meera Sodha cuzzer for dins:

Might watch The Servant on Talking Pictures(?) later, on a Pinter fix after seeing some at the er Harold Pinter theatre on Tuesday.


hi jerry and nobody else


Hi :cow2: :cow2:


what did you see at the theatre? my favourite is the caretaker.

cooking (!) some pasta and veg and philly.

no plans for the evening but might try to sort out my clothes, things i don’t wear anymore, things that (sob) don’t fit anymore, etc etc.

might also just sit around posting here.


Saw the birthday party and knew absolutely nothing about it going in, thought it was incredible. Clearly written at that time that le carré and deighton were doing big things.


this file name is left intentionally blank


oh swell. i’m a massive pinter fan. had a dream the other night where i went into a second hand bookshop and the first thing i saw was a (unnamed) pinter play. you should also check out the homecoming. and the dumb waiter, i think it inspired in bruges.



Lovely stuff, definitely need to hit the theatre more. Wife-o studied drama and did a module on ol’ Pints so I always defer to her with theatre stuff.


What’s the other 3% going to be?


1% blood, 1% sweat, 1% tears


good evening everyone… except 2moo

who i hope is having a GREAT evening




jesus, it’s evening already. I did absolutely fuck today. I will do absolutely fuck all later as well


got a FREE ticket for EARTHLESS in MANCHESTER going begging, if anyone wants - said it in the morning thread but no takers, which is DAFT because he’s the best guitarist in THE world.

gonna have a lovely burrito and not drink. first sober gig in 15 years or so.


also read/watch this. i was too young to appreciate it at the time (idiot).


I’m beat after that day of work. Meeting the TV soon. Might just play ‘Skyrim’ and do fuck all else for the evening.


Man I loved Earthworm Jim so much.


Going to go see shonen knife as a justification for a pre gig Nando’s


Thanks gp, will get on this!