The Evening of Thursday the 21st

Howdy folks, back to back days of 8 hour zoom calls for my annual refresher licenses. Never want to see zoom again after this. Looking forward to all the beers in about an hour.

Please regale us with your tales of your evenings in this here thread.

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Hey @NeilYoung and etc!

Run, then burrito, then watch the football.

Two of my friends are viewing the house next door to me lol


Drinking cans and listening to tunes, condensed a full days’ work into three hours so feeling pretty smug about that.

Gonna do a video chat with a girl off Tinder later on.


Are you in a sitcom?


Ooooh, good luck!


For cringe factor I can one-up this. Temporarily moved back into my parents at the end of October. A girl I used to date a few years ago and her now-husband had bought and moved into the house next door at the beginning of the year, which I didn’t know until I moved back in with the folks.

It’s a small town to be fair, so not the largest of coincidences, but still.


DiS Mario Kart with a GBOL after I get a very grumpy Parsnip to sleep. :racing_car:


I might be shortly!

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hows it not friday

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Might have a pork pie for tea.

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Watching Pieces of a Girl. It’s pretty tragic as expected, maybe not a good Thursday afternoon/eve viewing choice, good so far though.

Alright, just finished work. There’s a guy who every time rings me we spend an hour talking through every little thing and going round in circles…but is a very nice person so find it very hard to cut.

Almost enjoyed a bit of work there.

Leftover pasta for tea and episode of The Twelve

Get a tin of soup, heat it up, poach an egg in it, and serve that with a pork pie/sausage roll.


Had a 10/10 flat white and cookie earlier.

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No I don’t want to do that.

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Is this part of the Tinder video date?

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I’m watching the internet wizard e-sports and one of the players has had a power cut so they can’t start the match, and the poor presenters have been trying to fill time for so, so long. It’s quite painful but I can’t look away.

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Did my daily but not daily yoga. What day are you on @slicky? I’m on 13!

We have fried rice followed by MAFS and Bridgeton. Standard.

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Evening all. Was going to make (in advance) the sauce for tomorrow’s lamb biryani but I forgot to get the meat out of the freezer. So I’ll do it tomorrow morning instead. Tonight: listen to a record, watch a couple of episodes of the US Office, go to bed.