The Evening of Thursday the 21st


Having my summer staple of homemade paprika tortilla chips, cucumber wedges and houmous with sweet chilli jam. Remains to be seen whether it works in January but I’m excited



Been sorting my room out, my bed broke completely so me and my folks dismantled it then rearranged my furniture. Currently sleeping on my mattress on my floor like I did in my first house share at 21 :joy:

The chilli we were cooking didn’t have any flavour so we’ve decided to freeze it until we get more spices to put in and order macdos instead

I’ve got an hour and a half left until I’m caught up on Critical Role(!) - think I might stay up to watch the new episode live like a proper saddo.


They put on their robe and wizard hats?

Break time before final exam on zoom call, went to check on the dog, havent seen her in a couple hours. We are the only ones here. Comfy?


They do


roasting new potatoes

  • pap some rika on those bad boys
  • dont be greedy. just garlic.

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Get some cumin on and all.

Someone on here recommended doing a Bangladeshi take on Sunday Dinner ages ago and it was a complete game changer.

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What’s yer chilli jam of choice?

Got some 100% cocoa chocolate, not really chocolate I’d say, make my mouth feel weird.

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I’d recommend this stuff Chilli Jam - Mr Vikki's


Rosemary for me.

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get a bag in lads
up there with the wet eggs, this

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I ordered from them a month or so ago but I didnt get the chili jam, got different pickles (mainly wanted the aubergine one)

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Watching films and drinking and maybe a few more drinks.

I’m on three night shifts starting tomorrow and so tonight’s a fun night before the pain.

Protip: if you ask Morrison’s bakery for a bit of fresh yeast they’ll cling film some up (about the size of a fiver deal’s worth of hash) for nowt.

^ this stuff. You can get it in Byres Road Waitrose but I get through so much i buy it direct from their website.

Funky sent me a really nice one too, South Devon or something like that


dont have any

I feel that I would be depriving the baking community taking yeast I would certainly squander.

Supermarkets giving out baking yeast has been a thing forever. Wish they’d advertise it as a thing though to make it feel less awkward asking.

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