The evening’s almost over thread

Half seven guys, half seven. :roll_eyes:

Go on then, tell us about your evening.


Evening’s barely started! Got dinner and work to come, just drank a whole cafetiere of coffee, come at me evening! Hope everyone’s cool.

It’s happened again: Deliveroo rider can’t find my house. It’s exactly where Google maps says it is.

Evening! I was just drafting a thread, glad I checked before posting.

I had this for dinner (not pictured: toast), it was rather nice.

Evening is all downhill from there.


That looks interesting, what is it?

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Having an awful evening. I’m solo parenting and the bedtime routine has been awful. She’s not taken a bottle, woken up crying twice. Got some sort of misery traybake thing for tea too. Shit day really

might get some snacks from the coop but don’t know what I want

Onion rings?

don’t they come from the chippy?

Cooking a tarragon creamy chicken thing with rosemary fried potatoes on the side along with roasted broc & cauli. Then we’ll continue chaining drag race all stars season 3.

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I got to see a really good encounter at Asdas.

So people always walk in the out door cause it’s the first one you get to at the top of the ramp. Two men both got to the door one entering and one leaving. neither wanted to give in so they spent about 5 seconds both silently pushing into each other cause nobody wanted to concede. They sort of turned and rolled through each other. Still no words said.


Like the 99p crisps ones. I think they come in a green bag.

This, but rotated 90°


oh I’ve never bought those, I put them together with cheese puffs in the category of stuff I probably wouldn’t like

Pressed together so close


Just had a hot shower after coming in from the cold, having some leftovers for dinner.

Have had a somewhat weird email correspondence going with a work associate. I’ve clearly misunderstood something, which is fine, I’ve freely admitted to it and tried to explain what I think caused the misunderstanding. They apparently read this as me starting a big discussion and kept repeating their points with more and more underlining etc and criticism of my behaviour which ties back to the misunderstanding. I’ve just sent a short message back now saying I’m sorry and that we will sort everything out and so on and so forth, really hope that settles it.

there was an incident near me where a road goes down to one lane under a bridge (traffic light controlled) - two drivers tried to both go through opposite ways at the same time and spent 40 minutes trying to make the other reverse out.

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Weirdly really touching

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That sounds really frustrating, once someone’s made an apology you should really just let it lie, shouldn’t you.

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Evening all,

Had left over roast chicken cooked in gravy with veg and other leftover bits and a yorkshire pudding for dinner. As part of this gripping update, i feel it my duty to inform you that I’ve taken it upon myself to do the vacuuming in a few moments. Have to say, didn’t realise this was going to hapoen when i was takijg about my dinner but it is, and i can’t wait any longer.