The evening that is Wednesday thread

Finished shift 1 nine minutes ago
Shift 2 starts at midnight

Unsure whether to do uni readings or get twatted
Or both

Made a veggie cottage pie for tomorrow and a curry for tonight. Just off to get a naan and some beverages. Apprentice later innit.

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What is your second job? How are you able to do it twatted? If you don’t mind me asking x

Without naming brands it’s basically online work for a firm that makes merchandise for pets

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And I can do every job I’ve ever had twatted*, I wouldn’t take it otherwise :smiley:


Thought tested was some obscure Berkshire dialect for drunk for a second

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Fuck off train delays

I’m not home till late tomorrow bc of the Deerhunter gig so was hoping to be back earlyish today

This train line is so shit

Not shit enough for me to be one of those ppl who at the railway co into passive aggressive tweets tho

The friend I posted about on Monday passed away peacefully this afternoon. Her fiance sent the most beautiful and perfect sentiment about their time together. I’m a bit of a wreck.

It’s your anniversary of joining DiS isn’t it?

That’s terrible, I’m so sorry to hear that mate. If you need anything at all we’re all here for you.


I’m not even from Berkshire!

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Hugs @TheBarbieMovie2023. Sounds like you’ve been there for them recently in your posts.


terrible sorry for your loss.

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Supposed to be learning the Another Brick In The Wall (part ii) solo but I mostly hate Pink Floyd and David Gilmour’s twatty bends so I’m not feeling very enthusiastic about the whole thing.

I’m so, so sorry :frowning: words are never enough but xxx


The new DiS forum sign-up date, not the old boards :slight_smile:

Big hugs pervo x

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My favourite Radiohead / Pink Floyd tribute band


Really sorry, terrible news, Heart goes out to you and all of their loved ones

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Got loads to do tonight and not sure I can even be bothered doing the simplest of them.