The evening that is Wednesday thread

Never would have thought that roger waters would be the good one

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I’m on my late at work until 8:30.

My plan was to work on the spreadsheets and prize form the the DiS Raffle. Usually there are no out of hours calls at work, but typically tonight there was. A hospital switchboard couldn’t take any phone calls, it’s been a while since I’ve had any calls. So obviously it was extremely urgent. But I managed to resolve it very quickly (not our fault) and they are really happy with me. Hopefully i’ll get a compliment.

My heart is racing like mad at the moment, but once I calm down i’ll be on with the DiS stuff.


Was having a nice evening browsing and comparing kinder eggs in the station shop until some cunt pushed in front of me.


Chip shop dinner!

(This was not supposed to be a reply to @ynot)

Not really!

Had a nice anniversary. Went to McDs for a slap up tea, then bought a load of snacks

and an Olivia Burton tin of Roses cause we’re fancy. Gonna watch some OJ: Made In America now and eat more.


Working my way through a re-watch of 24. Going to have dinner of chicken nuggets and curly fries because I’m an adult.

Bit nippy

Using my coat as a tent selfograph



need to boycott ASDA but a bit worried that the small Tesco and Coop won’t have all the stuff we like :frowning:

Do an online order from Tesco? It’ll come from a bigger store. Or Morrisons/Sainsburys.

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went gym and then swim.

gym manager gone from being massively friendly to me, to being quite dismissive/never saying hi, just generally cold. and its ever since I asked him if he knew my cousin (my cousin said he knew him).

fuuuuuck, wonder what’s gone on there, eh.

Why do you have to learn to play that in particular?

Hey everyone

My son is here. We just had (non chippie) fish, chips and mushy ps for T

Gonna watch the apprentice and stuff.

Guitar lesson.

The other thing I’ve got is Imagine. Bleh, loads of open chords zzzzzzzzz

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Listening to vinyl and reading my book. Buzzing for the rollercoaster episode of the apprentice already

Evening all.

This evening I’m coping with wedding planning stress by drinking rum and eating ice cream. It’s working pretty well but I was in danger of falling asleep on the sofa earlier and now I’m all full of sugar and not quite sure what to do with myself.

Hope you’re all well.

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I’m doing a late shift once again, someone’s off sick and no one else could do it.

Published my crowdfunder etc today and we’ve already got nearly £400 so that’s pretty cool!

Have a bit of a headache from staring at screens too much in the last few days though. Going riding tomorrow so hopefully that’ll help

What are you crowdfunding - if you don’t mind me asking?

My new feminist film festival! We’ve applied for the big fundings elsewhere, but hoping crowdfunding will 1) Make people excited for it and 2) Make the other funders see that there is an interest etc.


Good luck!

I know she’s on the other side of the world these days , but if you have any plans for English speaking stuff then old school disser Bleak might have some useful contacts for you.

Thanks! I’ve been working really hard to get us this far so it’s a bit surreal to have it out there in the world.

We’re going to be international but with a Nordic focus (including groups of people that typically get left out because of geography, ehtnicity and so on), so will def reach out to Bleak and other good eggs when we get that far :pray::boom:

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