The evening thread - in partnership with Masterchef

Masterchef’s on tonight then, news to me m9s, news to me.

What ye having for dinner? Pizza and g-bread in my neck of the woods. Popped into my local Sainsbury’s Local located locally but they didn’t have any Gu puds on the cheap so pudding/desserts gone out the window :sleepy:

I feel like I’ve trodden on your evening thread toes here ghosty, you’re DiS’ go-to curator.

I think celeb Masterchef is in the autumn, could be that?

literally the only good thing that’s happened all day

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gonna walk home and think about what the hell i’m doing mates

chances of me bumping into ruffers in about 10 mins about 60%

hi jeremy sirloin and etc

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S’wrong with them man?

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Alright mighty DiSsers

Drinking a Weihenstephan Hefeweissebier Dunkle. Hmmm, lovely. Got a cold meat platter with wedges, salad, boiled eggs and cheese. Had a millionaire Gü pot yesterday, so slumming it with Green and Black’s choccy.

TV has a gestational diabetes test tomorrow, so gonna spend tonight being as comforting as possible, as she’s really nervous about it.


Thanks gp. Hoping it goes well, but she has the symptoms and has worked herself up about it.

Still not quite back to normal after last week’s Super Cold, which is a bummer cause I have stuff to do and I’m going to a film premiere tomorrow so obvs want to be in shape for a party.

Still waiting to be paid for an event I did two and a half weeks ago, which is really annoying.

About to cook some noodles with various vegetables. And then have some ice cream for pudding later.

mmm :yum:

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It’s a fuckin classic

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I’m reppin the DiS wine crew @xylo @rich-t. Got a third of a bottle left from the weekend

Got to go put the bins out in a bit #cba

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I’m on hospital taxi duty and not at work tomorrow, so I’m on the booze

ooooof is it any minute now? Overnight emergency bag packed?

Nah, 29 weeks in now. She’s got a blood test and it’s not recommended that she drives, so I’m taxiing back and forth

Got it. Exciting (the baby, not taxi duty) :relaxed:

And scary

I’m extremely bored.

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Can I just shock you, I’ve opened some Bordeaux :wine_glass: