The Evening Thread of Wednesday 9th November 2016


I’m in the Dovetail in Farringdon waiting on a mate, I’ve opened a tab…

Pizza Pilgrims later innit.


Sup. How is everyone feeling?

I’m paying the price for staying up last night. In getting v grumpy and tired but I’ve gotta apply for an internship thingy before midnight


Same- stayed up til 4am, then got up at 8 because I had to help my elderly dad (who is in poor health) get ready to go somewhere. I really didn’t gain anything from staying up- just was tired as well as gloomy, and could have got plenty of sleep and been just as disappointed. Tried to do some work, but I was feeling too frazzled to be very productive.

So I’m reading about archaeology instead. They found a 2,500 year old solid gold bong in a burial mound in Russia last year. The Scythians/ancient Russians and Ukrainians were long-haired stoners.


Hi there,

I’m about to play football in the rain. Absolutely starving!

Enjoy your pizza feast :pizza:


Evenin’. Had s fairly relaxing day after staying up until the small hours. Heading to a gig for eight o’clock, then I’ve a few things to write.


It’s freezing in Glasgow and I’m playing football at nine.


guess what i’m doing tonight? working late, yup.

was looking forward to getting past this week and going to the states next weekend but erm… yeah not so much


In a really bad frame of mind right now


One of those cases where a ^this captures what I mean much more than a like.

In such abject despondency atm


hi guys
just checking in


Beer is helping. Pizza to follow.




I didn’t think it was that cold when I just playet at 5 but I heard it’s meant to get to -3 tonight.


Hey, I noticed when I was sainsbury the other day, they had updated their free from range to have like vegan ‘cheeses’ and other stuff thought this might be off interest to you. Don’t know if it’s just my local sainsbury’s catching up or not


tfw you’re working late and your computer crashes and you lose 30 mins’ work


Gave blood earlier but fancy a beer, is this dangerous?



I still have a bit of a fever or at least a heavy cold or something. My ear is sore. But I don’t have anything I have to do tomorrow (nor did I today) so can just sleep it off. Job interview via skype on Friday, though!


Good luck with the interview matey!


how so?


Same country, different city.