The evening time of Monday

No thread?

I’m a heathen. This is dinner.


Hello Tilty. I’ve just discovered that Worcestershire sauce is not suitable for vegetarians, that’s a mild inconvenience

Oh god yeah it isn’t is it. Anchovies.

Hi there! Just cooking up a king prawn linguine with some tomato & mascarpone sauce for tea, knackered after my busy first day back so not going to do much at all apart from watch Food Network and eat more.

Just bumped into that GBOL @anon50098204 at the station :slight_smile: we’ve both been delayed by swans on the line. Swans!


You need some veg with that, m4!

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Quiche and chips later.

Boy’s bedtime, washing up and putting the bins out first though.

My dinner disagrees

I know it’s heathenous isn’t it

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Going out for a burrito then sludge beer and sludge metal. :wave:


Happy thank fuck we got through Monday!

Currently in the kitchen cooking up some veg and chicken for enchiladas. Smells amazing. I can’t wait for dinner.
Also can’t wait for bed. Such a good weekend but still so tired.


It is. Gotta get your 10 a day!

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Just eaten broccoli that was grown in my own garden!! What a time to be alive.

It’s very green.


Everything go alright today mate?

You should have peas or salad with that!
:leafy_green: :green_salad:

yay I’m on a diet!

gonna be thin in no time

hardest thing about being on a diet is learning to be comfortable again with feeling hungry, I expect it will be hard to sleep for the first few days

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Just had this

Yes, it’s documented in the fish and chip thread

Gonna watch the TdF highlights and have some beerz. Off tomorrow. Yay!


Got attacked on my cycle home, some lads were trying to pull people off of their bikes as they cycled past, I’d slowed down just enough to lose momentum and they got me, pulled me off, poured shit all over me, tried to physically take my bike but I held on, cutting my legs up a bit. One grabbed my crash helmet and was tugging at it screaming “I NEED IT” at me (they were all Fucking VERY off their faces) so I had to unclip it as it was starting to choke me. That got thrown in the canal.

at the police station now