The evening time of Monday

Oh fuck mate. Hope you’re ok!


Thank you, but shaken but it could have been much, MUCH worse

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Fuck’s sake man, bunch of pricks. Hope you’re alreet!

more serious post about the funeral

Funeral was okay in the end. It was weird getting the train up to Enfield (Gordon Hill) - brought back loads of memories. Walked past my nan’s old house and had a peek in as the front door was open. Looked strange without the several different patterns of 70s carpet and random knick knacks!

Had a nice chat to various cousins, aunts and uncles etc. Got a lift with my dad and his new wife to the crematorium and back - it was okay. No massive dramas.

Feels like the end of an era in a way. Felt sadder than I thought I would, given that I was saying goodbye to someone who was a very frail 95 year old who’d lived a really good, worthwhile life.

PS: I have to get up for work at 4am tomorrow and I’m still not home :frowning:


Oh good lord pal. That’s awful. Sending love x

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FUCK 'EM. Hope you’re alright boss!

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Off to a table quiz. Bit nervous as I’m a ringer on a team and haven’t done one in a while. Hopefully my powers haven’t deserted me.

Oh gosh that’s horrible :frowning:

Thank you! More wound up that I’m definitely gonna miss playing football this evening now! PPPRRRRIICCCKKSSS


Yeah okay thanks (see post above). I feel pretty drained tbh and have to get up at stupid o’clock tomorrow but that’s down to my terrible planning

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Someone tell me to get up from bed and mow the lawn

You shouldn’t be hungry. You should be eating plenty.

that’s not how I know how to diet

Fucking hell mate. So sorry :cry: I really can’t understand people who behave like that.
Hope you’re OK x


Big hugs too, obviously x

sorry you had to go through this, sounds very traumatic

Thank you! My main emotions are annoyance and hunger

Thanks Bam

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