The eventide of Wed is upon us

Any new business to report?

I’m doing some basic stretches and realising how painfully out of shape I am

Then bath, read, chickpea curry, film I assume. Applied for a new role/temporary promotion yesterday so, will see if I hear back from that tomorrow


Good evening!
Having a “whatever veg was in the bottom drawer” curry, gonna watch something silly, maybe do some coursework. Nothing else to report really. Every day is the same.

Good luck for tomorrow JP! :crossed_fingers:


Little blue dune buggy.


Early Prince lyrics needed work


TinyStack got discharged from paediatric care today after two years of monitoring, woop woop.

Mrs stack had a big interview for a big career change which went well.

MotherStack-in-law who is v medically complex and has had a very worrying stay in hospital seems to have a bit of light at the end of the tunnel which is great.

Signed new contract for today after 15 fucking years at what is now my old work. 20 days of crippling imposter syndrome before I start be damned, it’s good news. Also got another third interview for a very different thing so it seems I may have options.

Kids ate all their dinner.

Might have a beer.

Cheers dis, I hope you have fine evenings xx


What a freaking great post! Happy news on all the fronts :slight_smile:


Alright? Had tasty prawn pasta stuff for tea. Have put up about 90mins of a crying onslaught from babby, so feeling pretty drained now. He’s popped off to kip for a bit. Will do kiddo’s bed soon and then have a beer as I feel like I’ve deserved that treat


Congratulations on many fronts big man. Really pleased for you


That doesn’t seem like a CS turnaround timescale


Dunno why everything happens at once!! Life’s been a bit like this with the respective downs being a comparable bag of shite for about 6 years now. Would quite like to just stare at a wall for a bit :smiley:

Ta :+1:

Having pretty much same tea as yestetday with added beans.

Put some mung beans and badger peas to soak for curry tomorrow.

Was gonna watch Snooker but not sure I can look at Mark Allen’s sulky face.

So might watch The Twelve instead or read my book on Glasgow history.

Evening all!

I had a reasonably productive day despite the cold. The highlight was assessing a load of group discussions on the subject of private healthcare and trying not to laugh on camera at how quickly the subject changed to boob jobs.

Wor Lass had a rubbish, unproductive day and so we bought some pizza from Morrisons. The pizza was good.

Thanking you :crab::+1::crab:

I always play really cool stuff on the guitar when tea’s nearly ready and i’m too hungry to bother with writing stuff down or recording owt

Fun doe

The beans were branston, and sorry they’re too sweet.


was going to make bolognese but not sure i can be fucked

Had a good day introducing my keyworker bubble kids to the delights of Dolly P and the hit song I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts. Won’t someone EDUCATE these kids??

Then had a staff meeting which made me drive home contemplating resigning and literally doing anything else so :person_shrugging:

Having some chips for tea. Hopefully my emotional state is down to being hungry.


Sorry - I liked that for the first paragraph and then read the final two.

I hope the chips improve your mood.


Made a really good stir fry for my tea. thought I’d gone a bit divorced dad with the quantities of sauces and tahini etc but it turns out the more you use the better it tastes

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