The Everyday Hell Of It All - The Rolling Horror Thread 2021

Watched the first one on Amazon Prime the other day.

It was… fine? But for a franchise I basically wasn’t even aware of, I was pretty surprised to find out there were five sequels. Five!

Yeah I know! Apparently the new one is meant to be pretty good, think its a reboot rather than a sequel. Even so, its quite a standard tale so not sure what a reboot will do

Finally got around to watching Tetsuo: The Iron Man on the BFI Player



That film is absolutely wild! Properly intense in every way.

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I heard they’ve got rid of the inbred freak angle which was pretty much the only thing the original had going for it

You should check out Haze by the same director if you get a chance, it’s only 45 minutes long too.

very rare that i actually feel myself willing a film to end, especially one that short! really not sure whether i want to watch the sequel or not…

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Watched last night, The Vigil…

Enjoyed this. Simple story that makes the most of its limited characters and setting. The Orthodox Jewish elements were interesting, more so than the fairly typical ghost scares. Full disclosure, I may have missed some of the subtleties of this as I couldn’t get the subtitles to work and I don’t speak Yiddish. That said, I’ve never really listened to Yiddish before and it was surprising to me just how many words it has directly from German - every day is a school day :woman_shrugging: 7/10



Just finished reading an article about this with the director in Rue Morgue. It sounds really interesting.

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Watched this a couple of weeks ago. Pretty good I thought, especially the middle third.


Watched Anything for Jackson the other day, haven’t seen a film that constantly surprised me like this in an age. Every other scene had a wtf element! Was expecting more of the ending, but still a great ride.


As I say, going in blind is a great advantage for this :+1:

Finally started a Cliver Barker read I’ve been planning for a while. Gonna do The Last Illusion, Lost Souls, The Hellbound Heart, The Great and Secret Show, Everville and The Scarlet Gospels. Read The Last Illusion the other night which was good. Inspring me to check out Lord of Illusions which I’ve never seen.

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I remember watching that when it first came out (on VHS at least)…



US though

Ah. Sorry.

I get a daily/every two day ping notification from them about reviews. Didn’t notice it was Netflix US.

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‘Lost’ George A Romero film coming to Shudder :open_mouth:


Watched and enjoyed The Dark and The Wicked last night, thought it maintained a good unsettled tone throughout. I also creeped myself out thinking I heard a noise from the other room when I was going to bed after, which is pathetic/exactly what I want from a horror :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Good film that :+1:

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