The Everyday Hell Of It All - The Rolling Horror Thread 2021

Watched last night, double bill of recent hunt themed films…

The Hunt - this was excellent fun. A satire on Trump/fake news America with some pleasingly comic gore. The two female leads are both great in this, and there’s some very entertaining, visceral fight scenes. Zips along to a pleasing conclusion. 8/10

Hunter Hunter - polar opposite of The Hunt, this is fairly bleak stuff. Starts off feeling very similar to the other year’s survivalist film Leave No Trace, this features some clever misdirection. It’s something of a slow burn with a minimal cast, but everyone in this is pretty believable. Features a very challenging ending, even for a seasoned horror watcher like myself. Probably should have watched these two the other way around - not one to go straight to bed to after maybe :neutral_face: 8/10

Hunter Hunter


I really enjoyed The Hunt too. A fun silly flip side of politics but overall a great watch.

Anyone seen a film called The Corpse Of Anna Fritz? It seems familiar and probably seen a few similar. I was going to watch it but then realised that the director also wrote a recent Spanish horror film on Netflix called The Paramedic which was just appalling.

There’s a new one on Netflix today called Sputnik. Seems to have had pretty good reviews. Just a heads up for others here. Probably will watch that in a few days.

Loved The Hunt

This one is now on Shudder. Might check it out in the next few days.

I’ve seen Anna Fritz. Quite similar in subject matter to Body actually

It’s quite forgettable really, I had to google it to remember if I had seen it or not. You’re right, its something that has been done plenty of times elsewhere

Cheers. I’m off for a couple of days and my routine is to plan my films ahead. I’ll scratch that one off.

Not sure if I’ve bigged this up on here before, but if not, this is so much fun:

It’s a great overview of quite how insane things got in 70s/80s horror publishing, with lots of descriptions of bizarre plots that would not get published today.

In related news, was really sad to hear that Guy N Smith recently passed away:

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Really loved Spree! Joe Keery was completely suited to the role of a narcissistic wannabe influencer and Sasheer Zamata really great too. The direction felt really fun and fresh throughout, like really hyperractive with all the various camera angles plus as things amped up, it was quite interesting to read all the comments coming in.

Also watched the instantly forgettable and quite rubbish He’s Out There which already seems to be taken off Netflix. Wouldn’t advise seeking out.

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I saw that on the big screen - agree, rubbish :+1:

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I’ve had this on an A*****n wish list for ages, but the only person who ever looks at it is my strongly Christian mother in law, and yeah, I still don’t have the book. Grady Hendrix has also written a few horror novels of his own that are well worth a read. He also did the screenplay for Satanic Panic, but don’t hold it against him.

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been rereading a lot of junji ito

that kid is proper fucked up/luminary

Oh no! Really wasn’t much to note about it, was there? Didn’t really get the killers motives and family just made tons of predictable errors :sweat_smile:

Think it decided to just rely on child imperilment being inherently scary by itself 🤷

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It’s well worth getting, if you’re able. I think the only downside to it is that it’s probably made copies of the books reviewed more expensive to track down because suddenly they’ve gone from tatty old rejects to highly desirable collectors items. I read My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Hendrix and really enjoyed that so should check out some of his other stuff.

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Hunted on Shudder is pretty good! The acting is absolutely woeful but you’re not really watching it for that. It put me in mind of A Lonely Place To Die, and whilst it sort of loses its way a bit towards the end with an extended chase sequence, I thought it was well worth a watch.

Shudder seems to have put up some interesting stuff - Cub, Possum, Before the Fire and Dachra all seem worth a look

Possum is one of my favourite films of recent years :+1:

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I loved it too. I saw it at a screening with a q&a from Matthew Holness afterwards. He said he wanted to cross German abstract expressionism with the feel of 70s and 80s British public service advertisements like that one about the kid climbing into the power station. Still remember how tense I felt towards the end of it, must watch it again.

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a bit surprised at the praise for The Hunt. think the satire was a little too close to ‘both sides suck equally’ (and indeed if it seems to sway to one side it’s not left) for my liking but maybe I just didn’t get it. Coloured everything else about the film, which let’s face it is standard splatter.

Too many films with Hunt or Call in their name now

I was almost going to post this about a separate film over in the movie thread - why are there so many duplicate titles recently? They’re all over the place! Seems like something filmmakers would try to avoid and it’s not that hard to search Imdb.